Thursday, July 29, 2010


Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Chris Sims wrote an entire article complaining about how Kevin Smith has besmirched the proud legacy of Frank Miller...

... by writing a Batman story filled with sexual references and crude humor?

Just a thought.


  1. He mentioned Frank Miller? Oh right, talking about Smith adding a Batman pisses himself bit into Year One. Dude, that joke was fucking DIRE. I think Smith's Green Arrow run was pretty great and actually like Clerks 2 more than the first. But his Batman comics are just terrible...

  2. Thanks for proving my point.
    Do you know how much it bothers me that more people are offended by THAT than by Silver St. Cloud being Fridged? Much less that the likes of Chris Sims are only mentioning that in passing while acting like Smith not knowing the parts of a crossbow is somehow WORSE than a person dying.
    Or - God Forbid - Frank Miller's legacy being tarnished while not saying a damn thing about how everything Marvel is doing with Spider-Man right now has negated some of the best Spider-Man stories J.M. Dematteis ever wrote.

  3. Fuck the legacy of Frank Miller. Bitch done ruined his own legacy by writing that fucking sequel. Fuck him. And Fuck him for getting his hands on The Spirit Movie.

  4. I'd mention All Star Batman and Robin as well... but yes.