Monday, June 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Red Sonja Annual #3

BAD THING: There are two artists on this book and their styles do not mesh well at all. Dan Brereton, who did the painted covers and several painted pages at the start and end of the main stories, has a much more stylized style than the more traditional comic-style art by Adriano Batista and Chris Bolson.

GOOD THING: There's a really good story here, mixing elements of the weird horror that Robert Howard indulged in as much as sword and sorcery - with Sonja contesting with an undead king that is slowly drawing the life from his family.

The Final Verdict: While the changes in art style are rather jarring, both artists who work on this book are very good. And whether you prefer the more traditional or stylized art, you can still enjoy one of the best Red Sonja stories in decent memory. A special that is, for once, worthy of the name.

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