Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About War Of The Supermen #4

GOOD THING: Lots of good drama and action and drama throughout. But my favorite scene has got to be when Superman prepares himself to trap Zod forever at the cost of his own freedom.

BAD THING: Nearly every interesting new thing that was attempted with the Superman books in recent memory has been undone by the end of the book. One can't help but feel that the penultimate page is a commentary upon either the readers or the editors that won't allow for growth or change in the Superman franchise.

The Final Verdict: A good ending to a good mini-series, even if ultimately nothing has happened and everything of interest that brought me into reading Superman has been retconned away again.


  1. I'm kinda disappointed this ended with status quo being restored. Not surprised, mind you, but disappointed

  2. Yeah. I mean, part of what got me into reading this in the first place after Free Comic Book Day was all the stuff that wasn't the same ol' stuff I expect to see in a Superman story that I had heard about (i.e. the return of Zod, a whole planet of Kryptonians, Supergirl not being written like jail bait, etc.).
    Even with my seeing why everybody praises Gates and my own fondness for Robinson... I don't see any reason to keep reading any of the Superman titles.
    Well, except for the Paul Cornell Action Comics, but that's only because I loved his Doctor Who work.