Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #54

GOOD THING: There's a lot going on here. The apparent return of Sodam Yat from Green Lantern Corps. The Red Lanterns up to some mischief on Earth. And then you turn to the last page and Lobo has just shown up, ready to kick some Lantern ass. Why? Who knows? But it's sure to be fun finding out.

BAD THING: For all the things that are going on, surprisingly little is said about the mysterious figure who is seemingly capturing the entities that are the living manifestations of the various emotions. This is bothersome as between this scene - and the scenes with Sinestro, Hal and Carol with the White Lantern - there seems to be a lot of padding in this issue.

The Final Verdict: A lot is going on here but only some of it seems essential to the plot. And yet one of the most fun things in the book - occurring on the last few pages - seems utterly inessential at present. Still, a solid read with great artwork, though I can't honestly say this is a good time or a good place to get into Green Lantern if you haven't been keeping up with things through Blackest Night.


  1. I really enjoyed this issue on several levels. First, even though I'm giddy Lobo has turned up in a series with a great writer, he did come completely out of left field. I KNOW there is a reason for it. So I've been trying to figure out what it is. He's a bounty hunter so he can either help them find the entities or perhaps was hired to hinder them. (Or quite possibly both.)
    I really like Atrocitus. It would have been easy to make him a simple rampaging brute like many of his corps members but he has a decent backstory and actually has a damn good reason for being angry. I also like how they worked Dex into the issue too.

  2. Well, Lobo HAS had great writers in the past. Did you see his appearances in 52? Grant Morrison did the only thing that nobody had done with Lobo yet or ever dreamed of doing: make him a Pacifist AND Space Pope! :)

  3. Oh yeah, I did enjoy that. And I've always enjoyed his zany, Grant/Giffen space adventures too. I just think a lot of writers don't really know what to do with him when he shows up in a "real" title though.