Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Wonder Woman #44

BAD THING: The scene with Steve Trevor and Achilles fighting side-by-side seem very tacked on and gets a disproportionate amount of space compared to the Amazons joining the fight under Hippolyta's command and Diana's gorilla bodyguards.

GOOD THING: Ignoring that, this is a damn good issue to close out Gail Simone's regular run on the series. The status quo is completely restored and - in a move that is a giant raised middle finger to the powers and writers behind Amazons Attack, great play is made of Hippolyta and the Amazons staying behind to clean up the damaged caused by the evil Space Amazons in Washington DC.

The Final Verdict: Another good book to close out an amazing run on an amazing book. I'll be giving JMS' run a chance, of course. But somehow, I can't see how it can possibly equal the job Simone did in taking a broken franchise and not only restoring it to glory but doing more with the base concept of the character of Wonder Woman than anyone had in years.


  1. I am REALLY gonna miss this run. *sigh*

  2. But the Trevor scenes did give us the great line "That plane never made sense anyway" or something to that effect.