Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #7

BAD THING: The artwork is still over-inked at times. Granting that most of the issue takes place at night, there are still times the action is obscured and some of the facial expressions look odd.

GOOD THING: There is an unexpected twist here, as we find out that the nobleman who has been contesting with Sonja over the throne actually has some legitimate reasons to oppose her and is more honestly noble than most of the nobles who have been backing Sonja, though he may be of a line that is said to have traffied in black magics.

The Final Verdict: The plot thickens as we find that Sonja's adversary may be more noble than we'd been told and every bit the match for her. Only over-inked art would keep me from giving this book a perfect score.

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