Monday, June 21, 2010

I dunno how I missed this...

Thanks to djt2445 for the tip.


1. And so it was written in the book of Thornes, yay there shall come a time when all is dark and you are filled with woe.
2. But yay there shall come a sign in the form of an ass. An ass so perfect that the light of heaven shall shine forth from it.
3. And the ass shall be a beacon to you in the dark places. And the ass shall be a comfort to you.
4. And the prophet did smile and stroke his beard. And there was much rejoicing. Amen.

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  1. "his beard."
    So that's what the prophets are calling it these days eh?

  2. You did follow the link and see how Gail made them change the art on this, right? The above scan didn't make it to print...

  3. Benes leaves me so torn. I want to hate his art. All the cool people hate his art and I see why I should hate his art.
    But I love bottoms. I love them very very much. And Dinah's got the best ass on a woman in the DCU.

  4. Yeah. Left to his own devices, his artwork and his take on the costumes can be so very wrong. Witness his work on JLA.
    And yet... with the right gun to his head and on the right title... he can do such very good work.
    I love his Red Sonja pin-ups, for instance.

  5. No I hadn't followed the link.. but DAMN.

  6. Well come on Sonja's the original chick in chainmail... he can go CRAZY there and no one would say boo.

  7. Oh, I may have a new religion. I think I could convince my other pagan friends as well...

  8. You'd be amazed. There are some Red Sonja artists who bother me because they don't seem to grasp the ideas of support and that while a valkyrie cup might not be all that comfortable relatively speaking, it is better than chain-links that appear to be just DRAPPED over the boobie.
    To say nothing of the artists who draw leather boy-shorts under Sonja's loincloth...