Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fast Thoughts On Wonder Woman's New Costume And The New Direction ofThe Series.

1. She has pants but is back in heels. Not a fair trade in my estimation.

2. This is not the first time DC has tried to change a character to make them more relevant. And they've always changed back.

3. This is not even the first time they have tried to change Wonder Woman to be more relevant. And she eventually changed back.

4. Nearly everything J. Michael Straczynski wrote when he did something similar with Spider-Man ten years ago and all of the Spider-Fans freaked out that Peter Parker was given a magical origin to his powers? Totally erased from continuity now.

This too shall pass, children.


  1. While I agree that she/everyone always changes back (it's more a gimmick than anything else) I kind of like the look. I'm not sure what the direction they're talking about is. I haven't read the original article.

  2. Yeah it screams temporary. Gag.

  3. *looks at Jim Lee art again*
    Er. What heels? Those are totally flats...

  4. Well, the short version boils down to this.
    1. The Greek Gods decide to change reality. Just cause. Yes, this is the same bunch of Greek Gods who got their asses kicked by Granny Goodness a few years ago. Just go with it.
    2. Reality is rewritten so that Paradise Island is no more, the Amazon people are scattered to the four winds across the Earth and Diana has been raised up on the streets, ignorant of her heritage. Yes, this is pretty similar to the situation set up by the end of Amazons Attack, which Gail Simone JUST FINISHED FIXING!
    3. As the book goes on, Diana will slowly awaken her former powers and move closer and closer to being the woman she once was.
    So basically, the entire book has been hijacked so JMS can write an parallel Earth Wonder Woman: Year One, with the promise that all the things people like about the new direction will stay at some point in the future when The Gods decide to change things back.
    So... yeah. See why we're all a little snarky right now?

  5. With that weird yellow cut in the middle, on the small picture I originally saw, they LOOKED like heels.
    Just look at the black parts of the boot. See?

  6. I didn't realize this was an epic retcon of her origin. A wardrobe change is one thing but hitting the reset button entirely is just silly. Regardless of how fantastic the story might be. (If it's so grand that the editors thing it just HAS to be published, then do it as an Elseworlds or something.)

  7. I hear Green Arrow is good again. :)

  8. Yeah.
    Another thing that just occurred to me is how silly it is that JMS of all people is complaining about someone making a story insular and too continuity heavy for people to get into easily...
    ... because that's one of the central complaints I hear anytime I talk to anyone about the glories of Babylon 5.
    Now, I like Babylon 5. But it is NOT a show where you can just pick a random episode and watch it like most sci-fi shows. After Season 2, you pretty much HAVE to watch it in order or risk getting lost.