Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About War Of The Supermen #0

GOOD THING: Whatever else may be said about this book (one of my Free Comic Book Day picks, it cannot be denied that it is a brilliant introduction to current status quo in the Superman books for those - like me - who have never really cared much for Superman as a character and haven't been keeping up on things in the past few years.

BAD THING: While the opening story by manages the neat trick of providing exposition and giving us some decent fight scenes, the closing story with Lois Lane going over her notes reads like... well, a bunch of bullet points rather than a proper story. Sure, we get the run down on who Superman is, who Supergirl is, how the heck there's a bunch of Kryptonians on Earth all of a sudden, how they got their own planet and why they're now ready to destroy the Earth... but there's no plot or action to speak of. Even the revelation at the end that Jimmy Olsen isn't really dead (I didn't even know he was suspected of being dead!) fails to deliver on the excitement of the earlier story.

The Final Verdict: A bit too expository at times but not as bad as some event-introducing comments. And the opening story with Superman fighting Zod and his war council is an effective introduction is brutally effective and grabbing your interest and explaining how things are in the Superman books right now. I wasn't planning on getting this series before. Now I think I have to.

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