Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #21

GOOD THING: I've reread this book three times and I'm still not sure if Ragdoll's shock at being called Black Alice's "boyfriend" is due to his no-longer technically being a boy or more honest shock that Alice's feelings for him weren't platonic.

BAD THING: The brief scene with Bane's new team almost seems like an after-thought compared to the scenes with our established cast. It takes up all of two pages, Giganta and Lady Vic barely get any dialogue and as hard as it was for me to care about Bane and his plans before... it's even harder now with all the really cool stuff happening elsewhere in the comic.

The Final Verdict: A solid issue, whose only flaw is giving short-shrift to the new recruits as we focus upon the long-time protagonists.


  1. The only thing I wonder about the back-up Secret6 is how Dwarfstar is going ot die. My bet is one "stepped on by Giganta and then has his crippled body eaten by King Shark". Also does King Shark regrow limbs or something? Because didn't he get mauled pretty bad during the whole Junior fiasco?

  2. Yes, King Shark does have a healing factor.
    In fact, you can see his arm starting to grow back after having it ripped-off in his last appearance in Secret Six.