Friday, May 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About War Of The Supermen #3

GOOD THING: Normally I deplore blatant Kirby fanboyism (Remember Final Crisis?), but it never really bothers me in a Superman comic. But even I have to admit that doing this with Jimmy Olsen and the shout out to one of Kirby's other concepts is a nice little tribute.

BAD THING: The montage of Earth's other heroes fighting the New Krypton invaders revealed something that is really bugging me now that I think about it: Power Girl hasn't been present in this storyline. And I have to wonder why - apart from her being more a part of JSA than the Superman books now - that is so.

Okay, granting that she is from a parallel universe, they did no less than two major arcs in three separate books since Infinite Crisis about how alone she feels now that her Superman - Kal-L - is dead. In JSA this lead to her trying to befriend a reality-displaced Kingdom Come Superman. So why wouldn't Power Girl have gone to New Krypton herself?

Sure, it might not be EXACTLY the same as the Krypton she grew up on but it would make for an interesting story for her to confront her own feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The Final Verdict: A by-the-numbers penultimate chapter. Nothing that great, but nothing that bad either.

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