Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan The Cimmerian #20

GOOD THING: I like the fact that Truman writes Conan as the cunning man-of-wit that Robert Howard described rather than the muscle-bound fool that he is all-too-often portrayed as. He isn't much for fancy book learning, true, but it is a matter of record that Conan did spend some time listening to philosophers and priests argue in his days as a thief and he has always had a certain eloquence with spoken words. Particularly veiled insults, as we see here.

BAD THING: The flashback device showing a defeated Conan thinking on how he came to his current sorry state - despite being included at the end of the book this time - is still tired. Thankfully, the end of the issue seems to suggest that this is the last time we will see it.

The Final Verdict: It's the highest selling sword-and-sorcery comic on the market. This is one of the issues that shows why. Truman respects the legacy and characters of Robert Howard like few other have and does an admirable job of telling unique stories and filling in the cracks between Howard's own works.

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