Thursday, April 8, 2010

Theories As To How James Robinson Got Nominated For A "Best Writer"Eisner For "Cry For Justice".

SOURCE: 2010 Eisner Nominations

1. Superboy Prime punched reality.

2. Joe Quesada made a deal with the devil in a desperate attempt to keep DC Comics from sweeping the Eisner Awards in all the categories they were nominated for this year and this is the ironic form that Satan's "help" came in.

3. Mark Waid, using his vast collection of Cthuluian artifacts, summoned dread powers Man was not meant to know wot of and had Robinson's name put on the list in an effort to make his own work on Irredeemable seem less evil by comparison.

4. A belated April Fool's Day joke gone horribly awry.

5. A desperate attempt by the judges to keep the DC/Vertigo Fanboy votes from being split between two writers who actually did great work this year. This would also explain how Bill Willingham was nominated for Best Writer for Fables but J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Carey weren't nominated despite their books (The Unwritten and Brave And The Bold) both getting nominated for Best Single Issue Story.

6. As The Oscar is often given out to actors and directors as an apology for The Academy overlooking their older, much better performances, so is The Committee now honoring Robinson for his older, much better work on Starman.

7. God exists and has a great sense of humor.

8. There is no God and we are all alone in a vast, cold indifferent universe.

9. Dan Didio has pictures of at least three of the five Eisner Committee judges knowing a goat in the Biblical sense.

10. The judges are recognizing the fact that while Cry For Justice was quasi-radioactive in its' badness, had it not been for James Robinson's skill as a writer and his willingness to stand up to DC Editorial, it would have been a LOT worse, with whole cities and supporting casts being wiped off the map. Literally.

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  1. I still love reason #1. It works for so many things!

  2. There's always the possibility that Robinson did some things to a goat while someone on the committee WATCHED.

  3. I honestly do think number 6 is likely.