Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Power Girl #11

GOOD THING: A brilliant fight scene takes up most of the issue, with Power Girl having to face off against the mind of mad-scientist Ultra Humanite in the body of a teenage girl who is powerful enough to move the tectonic plates of the Earth itself.

BAD THING: The ending - in which Terra AND The Ultra Humanite are cloned new bodies thanks to the magical technology of the underground land Terra was born in - comes off was a bit too Deus Ex Machina, despite the good scene where PeeGee actually tries to talk the Ultra Humanite into starting over as a good guy.

The Final Verdict: While I question whether or not the villains would honestly preserve the brain of the girl whose body they stole and the ending is awfully convenient, I still liked this issue a lot. It's still one of the most fun, best illustrated books on the shelf.

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