Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Arrow #32 Preview

I'll be foregoing full commentary on this until I have a chance to read the full issue.

Based on the preview up at Scans Daily, I do feel it safe to make the three following comments.

1. J.T. Krul is even worse at writing Black Canary than Judd Winick and Andrew Kreisberg.

2. J.T. Krul may have read the Mike Grell issues (note the reference to Ollie killing someone being old-hat) but I think he totally missed the point of those stories.

3. If Ollie is really so terrified of being a father and really wants to be alone, WHY IN THE NAME OF THE HOARY HOSTS OF HOGGOTH did he adopt Roy Harper and take-in Mia Dearden?

I'm sure you all can think of numerous other examples of why this "Ollie really wants to be alone deep-down" story doesn't wash. Feel free to list them in the comments.


  1. Ummmm isn't Ollie the definitive, afraid of being alone must have family and loved ones or else? Just saying...

  2. I've always seen him that way. He was the lone hunter out of necessity - not because of any want.
    *eyes widen*
    Dear God, they're trying to turn him into 90's Batman! The lone Dark Knight who doesn't socialize, doesn't want any help... and yet has this huge extended family that the writer ignores because they get in way of the angst. :P
    Krul's writing is weird. It's like he's either only read bits and pieces of every Green Arrow and Black Canary story or he's picking and choosing random parts and saying "Oh, THIS is still canon." Like how he seems to think the whole Dinah infertility thing is still valid (SOMEONE didn't read Birds of Prey!) and keeps harping on about it. Or how he quotes pretty heavily from the Ollie/Dinah "I won't make orphans" speech from Longbow Hunters, but ignores the scene from the same book where Ollie talks about how he never really had a family and how he always wanted that.
    Not to mention...

  3. That's the end of Green Arrow #15, Volume 3 for those who don't recognize it.

  4. I'm convinced. JT Krul is fine on Titans, but not on Green Arrow. Take him off.

  5. Posting logged in now:
    This is honestly one of the most disheartening comics I have read in a long time. I am absolutely stunned that this is being allowed to be done in this way.
    Most of the editorial staff were *there* when Quiver was written, and when the followup story was written. This isn't like 30 years ago and people are reinterpreting and screwing up O'Neil's stuff (well they are, but you get what I mean). These people were in the room when it was decided to bring back Ollie. How the hell can they allow Krul to massacre so much of this character?
    Everything about the trial was idiotic. I'm not even a US Citizen but I know more about the criminal justice system there than Krul apparently. I'm mean really ... he couldn't have watched a couple of Guggenheim penned Law and Order episodes to figure out that you cannot sentence someone that a jury has acquitted. Even if the judge overturns the ruling of the jury - it *must* go back to trial. You can't just hand out exile. Let alone the fact that there is no such power of a *municipal* court judge let alone a federal one.
    While I love the idea you put forward of him as a Robin Hood like figure, they simply didn't have to destroy everything that came before to do it.
    I'm afraid I have no faith in Krul at all. The only advantage is that, as you say, he has a blank page. He doesn't have to worry about continuity any more, because he pretty much burned it, spit on it, and then buried it. But his dialogue is terrible, he understanding of how to frame a scene in panels is a disaster, and frankly - he doesn't know the DCU well enough to write a story that is anything but completely insular.
    Thank god my stuff is coming out of storage and over to the UK. I'm going to need my early 00s decade comics for the next few years.