Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #19

GOOD THING: Ragdoll. Just... Ragdoll.

BAD THING: The unpleasant sense of irony that Gail Simone of all people is guilty of a minor degree of Fridging here, with Cheshire being beaten up and humiliated so as to indirectly provide drama for Catman through the son they had together.

The Final Verdict: Still the funniest and yet the most disturbing book on the market today.


  1. The worst thing about Cheshire getting another beating in a Simone book? The head goon looks like Terry Long in a boater. Thats just creepy...

  2. I could have lived my whole life without having that pointed out, thank you.

  3. See, I'd like to think that, but there's already been one scene where she played up the sexy geshia "oh, I am a woman who knows my place" act. She killed two of them before the smart leader put her down.
    As for how many bastards, just the two; Lian and the so-far unnamed child she had with Catman.