Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night #7

BAD THING: This comic winds up invalidating a LOT of what we know about the DC Multiverse's cosmology. I.E., exactly why The Guardians are called The Guardians and one more reason why Earth is so vitally important to the multiverse. I imagine this could be upsetting to the purists who don't appreciate Johns' "Emotional Spectrum" and all the related concepts.

GOOD THING: This. Just... THIS. And the fact that there are still some things in comics that can surprise me.

The Final Verdict: Pure unadulterated awesome for many reasons, though some of the revelations here are somewhat questionable compared to the canon history of the DC Universe as I understand it. Still, if you can get past that, it's a wild read which explains a lot.


  1. Scientifically it makes no sense either, tho I can see ways to write around it.
    "Life didn't originate on Earth, but a planetoid that existed here aeons in the past. While that long lost place is gone, that spark lingers here..."
    Or something.

  2. Despite my total disinterest in this Event, that White Lantern Sinestro money-shot is pretty fucking awesome...

  3. I kinda took it to mean that The Guardians BUILT The Earth around The Entity.

  4. I know right? Man is that going to be a shitstorm.