Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comments on Cry of Justice #7 To Come. Later.

I've already been asked in e-mail and IM if I had seen this issue (I haven't) or if I had heard the news (I have) and if I am going to write anything about Green Arrow being mistreated?

The answer to this last one is I am. But not right now. Not tonight. I'd like to see the comic in question first before I comment on it or at least some relevant scans.

Then and only then shall I unleash hell. And very likely say some very uncomplimentary things about the man I was counted as my favorite comic writer.


  1. There are some scans on that site with the scans. I should warn you, the art is... terrible when it's women and obsecenely detailed for the men.

  2. I know. I've already seen them. It was part of the reason I stopped reading after Issue 2.

  3. I'm... increasingly of the opinion that certain people at DC may have rewritten him here. Or at least, I'm HOPING he was rewritten because I can't believe he'd write this DREK.

  4. Yeah. I'm thinking James may be pulling a "One More Day" here and being a good company man to cover the mistakes of Editorial.
    Either way, I don't envy J.T. Krul's job of having to build a compelling story for Ollie and Roy out of all of this.