Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just to prove this isn't an isolated incident...

... here's a few more pages that show just why most women are reluctant to believe that Comics Fandom isn't some kind of misogynist boys club.

And to make up for jumping to conclusions about this all being Marvel's fault somehow yesterday, this entire list of samples shall be 100% DC Comics T-Shirts!

Batgirl Juniors Symbol Costume T-Shirt

Made from 100% Cotton, we have the most awesome Batgirl costume t-shirt complete with her cute little belt Bat symbol, used as a cookie cutter when she's not fighting crime or doing her hair. So, when you're tired of kitchen work, doing your hair and nails and yer up fer fait'n crime and kicking in some crack thief's haid in with yer high heels... then the Batgirl Juniors Symbol Costume T-Shirt shirt's for you. Be tough! Be Batgirl tough. ... just share them cookies with me! The Batgirl Juniors Symbol Costume T-Shirt is a black, Junior Woman's T-Shirt featuring the Batgirl Symbol amd Batgirl belt (great for carrying mascara) in bright yellow!

Batgirl Running Juniors T-Shirt

The latest in our line of retro style Batgirl t-shirts. You've never done Jazzericise till you've done it with Barbara Gordon! Look at those glutes, thighs and them boobies. Everyone loves Batgirl, except the Joker! Bastard shot her in front of her own dad. Can you believe it? Yup, it's true. Look it up. This Batgirl t-shirt is a dark grey shirt with an absolutely perfect screen print of Batgirlldoing her Jazzercise. And one! And Two.. all together now.. And Three! And Four! Breeeeath people!

Wonder Woman Juniors Corset Costume T-Shirt

Made from 100% Cotton, we have the most sexy, Double D, Wonder Boobage Wonder Woman Corset Costume t-shirt. If you want to get noticed, stop traffic and have intergalactic Mandalorian bounty hunters take notice... then this Wonder Woman Juniors Corset Costume T-Shirt is the one for you. Let's face it... guys are pigs, dogs and man-whores who notice cleavage and you're just the girl to grab that attention. This Wonder Woman Juniors Corset Costume T-Shirt, complete with already built in augmentation, is a limited production shirt; Lord only knows when we they will stop making them. So, grab the Wonder Woman Juniors Corset Costume T-Shirt and stop traffic while you can on Halloween and any other night. Don't just go.. go Double D!

Supergirl Juniors Costume T-Shirt

Made from 100% Cotton, we have the Supergirl Costume Juniors T-Shirt! This Supergirl Juniors Costume T-Shirt is just the perfect costume shirt to have when you a) don't feel like dressing like a dork, b) want to save money, c) want to wear your outfit during other parts of the year. All you need is a cape, our supergirl boots and a red handbag and you're good to go. Check out our Supergirl undies too! The Supergirl Juniors Costume T-Shirt is a Junior Woman's, blue T-Shirt featuring the likeness of Supergirl's costume with yellow belt and Superman Shield Symbol!

Supergirl Distressed Blue T-Shirt

This Supergirl T-Shirt is a junior's style cut and features a purposely distressed Superman Shield Symbol on a Royal Blue T-Shirt. Ladies, buy this thing or I swear on last year's pumpkin pie Superman will be very disappointed with you...just like your husbands and boyfriends. ZA-WING!


  1. Oh, the T-shirts are good. They're the same t-shirts you can get at any other superhero shirt website.
    And no - there's similarly snarky text for most of the shirts. It's just most of the women's shirts seem to have "quit your bitchin', get back in the kitchen and make me some pie!" conotations.
    The Spider-Man costume shirt, for instance, notes that it"is a great shirt for any time of the year, but especially for Halloween! Oh, and the Spiderman Costume shirt is GREAT for the annual "Take Responsibility for Everything that Goes Wrong Party."
    As for Di's top... I'll take your word for it. Thinking about what to call the parts of Wonder Woman's costume is not something I've devoted a lot of thought to.
    I think the Women's Flash Distressed Symbol shirt may take the cake, though...
    Here we have a Flash T-Shirt for the Ladies. That's right.....for the ladies! This Flash Juniors T-Shirt features a purposely distressed Flash Symbol on a brilliant red T-Shirt, cut and shaped for more petite women. If that special lady in your life complains at the speed of sound, then this Flash Juniors T-Shirt is just for her!
    You'd think SOMEONE at this company would have thought "Wait! What if an actual.. guh-guh-girl want to buy this shirt?"

  2. Maybe I'm confused but doesn't "Junior" mean it's meant for kids? or at least preteen? It's bad enough mocking women like this but it's disturbing to think someone uses "boobage" to describe clothing for girls.

  3. Maybe it's come to mean that - I'm sure one of my female readers can offer more insight into this than I can - but i just looked it up, and technically a "Junior" size refers to any garment intended for women who are "5'4"–5'5" (162.5-165 cm), higher bust, shorter back"

  4. It's possible that I'm wrong. I hope that I am because that's a whole different level of failure on the part of the person writing these that I'd rather not think about.

  5. Wow. talk about HORRIBLE. Because I would buy that flash tshirt in a heart beat. but DAMN. They make the shirts bad. Like HORRIBLY bad, otherwise the shirts would be awesome.

  6. It's also a fairly common size for teenagers, and skinnier women.

  7. Thankfully, these same shirt designs are readily available other places.

  8. We learn something new every day here, don't we? :)