Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fast Thoughts On The Comics Released The Week of 02/10/2010

JON SABLE: ASHES OF EDEN #5 - A fitting conclusion to a wonderful little mini-series. The true mastermind is revealed as Jon and Maggie the Cat find themselves in a death trap with the lives of millions at stake.

This is Mike Grell at his finest. I can't wait for the next Jon Sable story that is promised at the end.

QUEEN SONJA #4 - I know what you're thinking - I said this book was the Red Sonja book you should be reading... and yet, I'm only writing a few scant lines about it here. Why is that?

Well, while this is a good book, this is honestly a slow issue and Sonja doesn't do very much until the very end. Most of the issue concerns Sonja appointing a new lieutenant, who may not be what he seems and the enemies of the nation Sonja has become leader of starting to move against her. It's all set-up to next issue, in other words. But it does look gorgeous, the artwork isn't all cheesecakey and the story is gripping and promises to get better.

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