Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Suicide Squad #67

GOOD THING: If I have to pick just one awesome thing out of an entire comic where the Secret Six break into Belle Reeve and are ambushed by the current Suicide Squad as part of Amanda Waller's plan to get Deadshot back on her team... I'd have go to with newbie Secret Six member Black Alice's assessment of her new teammates.

That is, for those of you who have trouble with the font...

Bane: I don't like the big bossy guy very much.

Catman: Looks like an ad for Grant's Gym and he SMELLS like concentrated DUDE.

Jeanette: Either she's NUTS or the world's most committed COSPLAYER.

Deadshot: I don't know. I can move mountains and he STILL freaks me out.

Ragdoll: He is creepy and deformed and effeminate and all COVERED in twisty scars. That's so hot. Hot hot HOT!

BAD THING: As utterly awesome as this issue is, it has precious little to do with Blackest Night. Sure, there's some scenes of The Fiddler discussing his connection to The Secret Six AND The Suicide Squad at the start and a whole mess of ex-Suicide Squad members rising from the dead at the end... but none of this is connected to the cool story in the middle.

The Final Verdict: A truly awesome story and a must read for all fans of Suicide Squad or Secret Six. Not a lot to do with Blackest Night... yet. I suspect what little there is is set-up for Part Two.


  1. I hate black alice. HATE but I'm all kinds of amused by her ragdoll reaction. Because first off.. ew. But totally the kind of guy gothy girl would think was a dream boat.

  2. Well, a gothy girl/Anime geek.
    That's why I do - despite hating her twink power - actually like Black Alice a little and like her inclusion on this book. I know too many people like that who would actually be like... THIS as a supervillain.
    The line about Jeanette slayed me though. She is SUCH a Gothic Lolita.

    The short version? She's a Banshee. As in Silver Banshee.
    The long version is on the above site. We don't know much about Jeanette's past or the full extent of her powers. What little we do know isn't pretty.
    Does that answer your question?

  4. Cool. Check out the newest posting I just did. I'm anxious for your comments. :)