Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2

GOOD THING: Beautiful, poster-worthy Nicola Scott artwork throughout.

BAD THING: It's all a dream. Seriously. The whole issue is a frelling dream sequence!

This is probably for the best as it directly contradicts the events of Blackest Night #6 but also a bit of a problem... since IT'S MEANT TO BE TAKING PLACE DURING THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT SCENE IN BLACKEST NIGHT #6!

I can summarize the whole book in six lines.

ZOMBIE DIANA: I will kill everyone you love and respect!

REAL DIANA (Inside Zombie Diana's Head): No! Please! Stop! Don't!

BATMAN: Diana, I love you!

ZOMBIE DIANA: Huh? But Bruce is dead! This doesn't make any sense.

APHRODITE: Yes, daughter! It was all a dream I put you in so that you wouldn't really hurt anyone. Now here is a Violet Ring so that you may share the Power of Love with everyone!

Cue Huey Lewis And The News' 'Power Of Love' as Star Sapphire Diana flies into the clouds.

Food For Thought: Am I the only one disturbed that apparently Aphrodite will intervene to stop Diana from senseless hurting her friends but she doesn't give two swift-kicks-to-the-rump about the equally-zombie-fied, equally Amazon and equally dangerous Donna Troy?

The Final Verdict: A completely pointless issue all around.

In a single issue, Greg Rucka has embodied the greatest problem with most tie-in books. There is no emotional investment, since we already know how it is going to end thanks to Blackest Night #6. The action of this book doesn't relate or connect to the events of Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1. And this book is meant to be a tie-in to Blackest Night but it fails to tie-in to the events of the story it is meant to be taking place during (Blackest Night #6). And I still think Diana is a much more complicated character than Rucka ever gave her credit for and that citing Diana as "the most loving person on the planet" is inaccurate and a serious underestimation of Wonder Woman as a character.

At least it's pretty to look at.


  1. This is my issue with Rucka's power of luv Diana, I remember back when he first started writing Diana he talked about how he saw diana as someone who would take a lot but was ultimately a warrior. Diana: Don't do that. *they do it* Diana: don't do that. *they do it* Diana: Don't do that, or I shall be forced to act. *they do that* Diana:*breaks their arm* I told you not do to that and now I had to act. It was actually better written than that but it made a lot of sense. Because Jimenez's sucky wondy was very much lurve lurve lurve.

  2. And yet... Jimenez Wonder Woman didn't annoy me nearly as much as Rucka's.
    And now I'm spoiled thanks to Gail Simone.

  3. I didn't think making her all about love made sense. Maybe it's me but I always thought of her as someone who inspires hope.

  4. Yeah. I have similar feelings about Superman.