Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Starry Awards?

There aren't going to be any.

Yes, I know. Many of you have come to love my annual "Year In Review" columns and me taking the worst books of the year to task.

The problem is I haven't read most of the worst books of the year.

One of the few things I don't miss about writing for Comics Nexus on a regular basis is having to answer to an editor who can ask that I go review some wretched new series or an X-Men book that I'd normally never waste my money on.

Since most of what I review now is books that I enjoy... well, I can't imagine that anybody would want to read about my scathing review of that one Blackest Night mini-series that was "okay, but not quite as awesome as the main series." It just not as amusing as when I tear apart the likes of Liberality For All or ZEROES.

So... yeah. No big awards show this year. Probably not next year either unless I get a huge number of e-mails or replies demanding that I do the awards anyway and give negative awards to the books I merely heard were awful. And even then, I'm not saying anything until I actually read the comics in question.

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