Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marvel's War On Women Continues With... wait for it... GIRL COMICS!

SOURCE: Marvel announces GIRL COMICS

Sweet Suffering Geebus On A Pogoball!

Do I even need to start to explain what is wrong with this concept? Beyond the fact that Marvel - as part of "...a big push for some events built around women — as characters, as creators, and as readers..." has decided their first big project should be a mini-series called GIRL COMICS?!

Girl Comics?! Seriously?! In the 21st century?!

Here's an idea, Marvel. If you're really interested in trying to improve the lot of female creators at your company, how about trying to hire some of these female creators on for a REGULAR series?! How about letting a real live woman have a chance to write some of your female protagonists instead of throwing it at Brian Reed or (god help us) Peter David?


  1. I dunno, though. I'll probably be buying it. I mean, there aren't that many titles being written by women at all, and I already get both of Gail Simone's titles.

  2. Oh, I admit it is a bit of a Catch-22.
    On the one hand, Marvel is handling this in a remarkably ham-fisted manner, even for them. It seems to be an act of supreme cynicism that they can finally win over female readers and creators by throwing them a bone in the form of a mini-series. It seems like out of all the criticism over Marvel Divas, the only bit they've listened to was a) they should have had a woman write it and b) they should have focused on some A-list characters.
    On the other hand, boycotting this book and rallying against it may only encourage The Powers That Be at Marvel to think that there really aren't any women interested in reading their books and discourage them from making any more half-assed gestures toward gender equality in the future when the book tanks.
    It's a shame though. There are enough talented creators involved in this that I'd consider giving this book a look-see if it weren't for my boycott against all things Marvel. Although I'm fairly sure that including Devin Grayson in the same breath as Jill Thompson and Amanada Conner is an insult.

  3. I think it depends on the creators of course; if it turns out to be a good book - and some of those talents look like it might be - then we can hope they'll learn and give them more to work on. If it's not good, then I shan't be buying it just because it's done by girls.
    Although I've no doubt they'll assume that means that girls can't make comics.
    I agree with you about Grayson, but a lot of people don't.

  4. I think you're giving short shrift to Devin Grayson - she's pretty good... when she's not writing Nightwing's series. I have no idea what went wrong with that (I tend to blame an editor for not reining her excesses in), as other than that particular series, she's done quite well. I still would recommend her run on 'Gotham Knights' as a vastly underrated run that did a great job of exploring the dynamics of the Bat-clan.
    (We won't address the Inheritence book, okay?)

  5. Matt, you've been very critical of how anti-feminist comics are these days. So it begs the question: What do you think some good pro-feminist comics are? Are there any that have come out in the last ten years?
    Wes A.

  6. Yes, I've been hearing from them already.
    I actually did like her Arsenal mini-series. And the very first story she did in Gotham Knights involving Bruce trying to solve the case of another boy millionaire orphaned by tragedy. But the whole affair with Nightwing and her putting forth the idea that men cannot be raped... epic inexcusable fail.

  7. See above. I think she did some good work early on. But the Nightwing incident has completely killed my ability to view her work in a positive light. I keep thinking about how she insisted that Nightwing wasn't raped.

  8. It would seem so, wouldn't it? Distant cousins at the very least.
    By the way, I've enjoyed your rants upon the stupidity of Amazing Spider-Man post-OMD.

  9. Power Girl.
    Wonder Woman.
    Birds of Prey.
    Secret Six.
    Green Lantern Corps (all of the female Lanterns are very well portrayed)
    Red Sonja (when Mike Carey and Michael Omeing were writing it).
    Knights of the Dinner Table (several positive, strong female characters there)
    Any Doctor Who comic with Donna Noble in it.
    Fables (despite all my complaints about the series of late, Cinderella still kicks ass)
    That's just off the top of my head, mind you.

  10. Enh. Its a dopey name (even if it is a reused one from Marvel's past) but the creator list for it is outstanding. I mean they had me at Colleen Coover and Ann Nocenti alone...

  11. In my case, it's Jill Thompson and Amanda Conner.
    But man... Devin Grayson working the mainstream again? I can only stomach so much!