Monday, November 9, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #15

GOOD THING: John Ostrander is the guest writer, in this special issue which reconciles Deadshot's origins as a Bob Kane creation back in the 1950s with the development Ostrander gave the character during his beloved (and criminally uncollected) run on Suicide Squad.

And if all that continuity speech just gave you a rash, don't worry - you don't have to have read ANYTHING to enjoy this issue.

BAD THING: This is a personal pet peeve but I am somewhat disappointed to learn that the visions of killing people we've seen in the past storyline were less about Floyd Lawton developing some sense of humanity and more his psychosis shifting from suicidal thoughts to homicidal ones. While I admit this is a lot more in-line with the way the character has been written, the idea of an amoral thug like Floyd having to struggle with unfamiliar feelings of compassion is an interesting one I'd like to see explored.

All in all, a fine issue and a fine jumping-on point for those of you who still aren't reading this, for some reason.


  1. DAMN good series.
    Liked the sorta revised origin of Deadshot and why he couldn't kill Batman in the first fight. 'Advanced preperation' strikes again.

  2. I know, I know. And I'm a bad geek for not having read it.
    It's on the list of things I will buy once I get a tax refund and can afford to go series hunting at a Comic Con. That and the original Warlord series.

  3. Beep me on tips for getting Warlord & the first issue special. I also have a lot of loose issues of Warlord tossed into the complete set I got off ebay.

  4. > you don't have to have read ANYTHING to enjoy this issue.
    Well, you have to read this issue, right? ;-)

  5. Ha! Point.
    I meant that - unlike some series - you don't need to get The Encyclopedia Claremont to understand what happened before in the series that will be referred to in this story. As you well know. ;)