Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Teen Titans #77

BAD THING: The cover is rather misleading. Rather than dealing with the various Teen Titans who might or already have returned from the dead as Black Lanterns, this issue focuses entirely upon the dead family and friends of Titans villain Deathstroke.

GOOD THING: If you can get past most of this issue building upon the ancient past of Deathstroke and the days when he was a semi-respectable professional mercenary rather than the amoral criminal mastermind he's been written as for most of the last decade, this is actually a rather effective read.

The Final Verdict: An effective deconstruction of the character of Slade Wilson which flies in the face of his most recent portrayals. This is, I think most Titans fans will agree, a good thing. Not really essential for Blackest Night collectors but a must-read, I think, for all Titans fans.

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