Monday, November 9, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan the Cimmerian #15

GOOD THING: The art by guest Artist Paul Lee is amazing, looking more like a painted mural or an ancient drawing on parchment than a comic book.

BAD THING: It's not that the story isn't well written. It is. But this story - set during Robert E. Howard's novel The Hour of the Dragon - seems oddly told at this point when - in the chronology of the series - things have been running in a fairly direct line from Conan's earliest days leading up to when he becomes King of Aquilonia.

To jump from the end of Conan's first command as a general to a story from his days as a King is jarring to say the least. And out of all the many characters Howard created who could use a bit more development or a "Point of View" story, the Stygian vampire princess Akivasha doesn't even make the top ten.

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