Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Comic Book Comics #4

Well, one good thing and one bad thing besides "this fourth issue finally being here" and "us having to wait so long for the damn thing", respectively.

GOOD THING: More of the same from Evil Twin Comics - educational material presented in a fun way. It's hard to single out just one page or panel as particularly exemplary, so we'll just go with good ol' fashioned author appeal and show the panels with my three favorite heroes!

BAD THING: With a subject this big, some subject matter was bound to get shafted. And for all the details we get on the Super Silver Age Sixties at Marvel, there is surprisingly little about Mainstream Comics in the 70s.

Most of the last half of the book is devoted toward Robert Crumb and the Underground Comics movement of the 60s and 70s. - something important to cover and no mistake about it! But the end of the book seems to be taking us right into the 1980s and the Age of Lawsuits without any examination of how Stan Lee's defiance of the Comics Code Authority in the early 1970s (mentioned in the above one panel) led to a host of reforms in the American Comics Industry, including a diversification of genres and the return of horror books.

And then there's the improved representation of female and minority heroes during that same period. Misguided though it was, at least the creators were trying when they introduced characters such as Ms. Marvel, Black Lightning, Power Man and Power Girl.

I'm sure this will be coming late on in the series. It's just a bit jarring that A did not smoothly lead into B as it did in previous issues.

The Final Verdict: At this point, it may be easier to wait for the Trade of this series than to find the back issues. But either way, you'll want to pick this up. History - even comics history - has never been this fun!

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