Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #2

GOOD THING: A very complex (well, compared to the last few years of Red Sonja anyway) plot, involving a corrupt emperor who is slowly enslaving what lands he cannot conquer, warrior princesses turned bandit trying to free their kingdom from tyranny and Sonja trying to play the mercenary but turning into a noble champion in spite of herself.

BAD THING: Granting that there is a certain degree of folly in complaining about Sonja's traditional costume being unrealistically portrayed, Mel Rubi used to draw it as actually being capable of supporting Sonja's more assets as opposed to just sorta covering them.

The Final Verdict: The She Devil of Hyrkania is back in full fighting form! A great story as rich as any fantasy novel is unfolding here and it feels like a Red Sonja story rather than the curious generic fantasy Brian Reed was writing until recently.


  1. Maybe Red's just broke. She can only afford about a dozen bits of metal to cover up her hoo-has.

  2. That actually makes an odd bit of sense. They DO charge for chainmail by the link. And in most RPGs, you have to get your suit of armor piece-by-piece until you have a set of decent full plate.