Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Jack of Fables #39

GOOD THING: I can honestly say that the ending of this book - and exactly what was happening to Jack - was a surprise to me.

BAD THING: None of the rest of the book was a surprise to me. And that's a very bad thing. Particularly when the best part of the book continues to be the one-page internal adventures of Babe The Blue Ox and the main storyline centering on Jack The Younger seems like a generic fantasy story taken from some other book.

Honestly, what's happening with Jack Jr. isn't nearly as interesting as the one page of Babe or - holy crap - Jack Sr. becoming a bleeding big dragon. Hopefully the book will shift gears again soon because while Jack Jr's adventures aren't BAD by any means, they don't seem like a proper Jack of Fables story.

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