Sunday, November 1, 2009

Green Lantern #47

There is one bad thing in the middle, but for the most part this is all about good, cool things I liked and vital information we learn in this issue.

1. The Red Lanterns are basically immune to the Black Lantern's preferred attack (i.e. ripping the still-beating heart of an enemy out and feasting on their emotion) since their rings have actively taken over the job of keeping them going.

2. The fight between Sinestro and the Black Lantern of his wife. I don't usually cater to attempts to change villains into tragic anti-heroes, but in Sinestro's case... it actually works.

We even get an answer to that age-old question as to whether Sinestro is his first name or last. It turns out that it is his last name and that his first name perfectly fits within the tradition of alien spellings of appropriate words. His full name is Thall (Fall) Sinestro.

3. It is pretty much confirmed that the special ability of the Indigo Tribe is that their staffs can replicate the effect of any other ring type but they can only do it for a limited amount of time and there seems to be some need for proximity or prior exposure.

4. Hal standing up to Sinestro's attempts to take charge of the current situation.

5. John Stewart exploring the resurrected world of Xanshi - a planet whose destruction he failed to stop.

6. Larfleeze, a.k.a. Agent Orange, fleeing in terror before the Black Lanterns formed of all of his victims... only to run into a very angry Red Lantern Leader, Atrocitus

For the most part, I loved this whole issue. Still, I wish there was more page space being devoted to John Stewart dealing with his hubris and less time being spent on upon Hal and The Rainbow Coalition. I hope the next issue will give us more of a focus on John.


  1. Yes, you said it best ... I desperately keep hoping for more John ever issue and it never seems to come.
    Well ... still lots of fun all around. I didn't quite understand what happened on the Blue Lantern planet and why the rings all of a sudden started working.

  2. Two Things.
    1. It's already been shown that the Blue Lantern rings aren't good for much unless there is a Green Lantern nearby. They can fly through space, protect themselves and give others inspiring visions... but they can't make projections or similar.
    As Hal put it (paraphrasing a bit) "I know a lot of people who can wish for things to get better. But it takes an act of Will to MAKE things better."
    2. Being beaten on your home-turf by an enemy who has you hopelessly outnumbered and - being powered by never-ending avarice - never gets tired, would probably test even a Blue Lantern's ability to hope for the best after what was apparently several days of battle.
    Hal and the rest of the cavalry showing up would satisfy both requirements. The sliver of Hope inspired by back-up arriving may have been enough to repower the Blue Lanterns even if Hal's presence didn't.

  3. I thought so, but then again it looks like Hal and company don't show up until AFTER the rings are already starting to recharge.

  4. that's simple. It's proximity. They have to be within a certain range but not right next to.