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Heroes: Season 4 - Episode 4: Hysterical Blindness

My apologies for being so late with this. I had it mostly written but then Real Life kept me from getting back to finish the editing.

Again, nothing much happened until the last ten minutes except for this: Ernie Hudson became this year's Chuck Norris.

PETER - Peter talks about trying to reconnect with his family and people in general again. This seems to be a blatant hint toward my theories on Peter's powers being right but Angela is about as interested in Peter's life as most people are in my theories and asks why Peter doesn't spend more time with Nathan.

Peter saves Emma, the deaf woman who sees sound as colors, from being hit by a bus and accidentally takes her power. He figures this out the next day and the two of them have a Hollywood Meet Cute moment that could only be more cliched if they were playing Heart and Soul at the piano where they explore her power.

Still, I'll give them props for remembering who Peter is at his core: the kind-hearted guy who wants to help, whether it's saving lives or just making people feel better. Even if the scenes with him and Emma were DULLLLLLL...

EMMA - Yeah - it turns out she can apparently focus the sound into destructive blasts. At the very lest, she can crack walls while playing the cello. I still don't care.

SYLAR'S BODY - Last time, you'll remember that "Nathan" was killed by a hitman and buried out in a remote stretch of land, somewhere rural. Several minutes later, Sylar was dragging himself from the grave, his "death" apparently having reset his shape-shifting powers.

Naturally, being out in a remote place where a shallow grave will never be found, a police car happens by two minutes later that has questions about the strange dirty man in the bloody clothes.

The cop - played by Ernie "Winston" Hudson - hauls Sylar in and finds out that only only does Sylar not remember who he is or much of anything besides walking down the road - he doesn't have memories of the sensations of heat and cold. They get an inexplicably British doctor whom reminds me of Martha Jones from Doctor Who for some reason to come in and try to talk to him. She is asked to leave after they identify Sylar as wanted murdered Gabriel Grey.

Hold on - didn't Sylar get declared legally dead by Danko after they faked his death? And even if he didn't, wouldn't Noah have taken care of that after they changed Sylar into Nathan? I just can't believe that Gabriel Grey is still on the most wanted list after all this.

Ernie decides to beat a confession out of Sylar even though they know who he is and there was apparently enough evidence against him for their to be an actual warrant for his arrest over his mother's murder. Ernie gets thrown through a glass window for his trouble after Sylar's telekenesis kicks in by accident.

Make a long story short, Sylar flees with the doctor, convinces her that he's innocent (despite her having seen his file) and she in turn convinces him to turn himself in. His lightning powers kick in - again by accident - and he winds up falling down a hill after getting shot at, heals, keeps running from the K-9 units the police in this backward just HAPPENED to bring with them in case they needed dogs during a car chase...

... and runs into Samuel and his waiting carnival, which disappears before the cops can get to it. No - really. Apparently they have a teleporter who can take the whole carnival where they want it to go. Which is kinda cool and is the only way to explain what happened earlier with...

CLAIRE - Claire and her new BFF Gretchen are getting along just fine. Suddenly, this other girl - who is with Claire's mothers old sorority - shows up to rush Claire. Gretchen is reluctant but Claire decides that she could do with the normalcy of something as mundane as a sorority.

It's at a "speed-rushing" party later that Claire learns that everyone already knows a lot about her, thanks to Gretchen. Gretchen says she just wound up talking about Claire because "you're more interesting and I don't like talking about myself."

Claire takes this at face value... until a book suddenly falls off the shelf while she's alone in the dorm, deactivating the sleep mode on Gretchen's computer... and revealing that Gretchen has a LOT of photos of Claire on a website. And that she's been reading a lot of things about places Claire lived in or did that made the news... including stuff nobody should know about (i.e. Claire Butler is Claire Bennet) And then there's that messy bit about murder/suicide pacts.

This creeps Claire out, but she doesn't say anything until after the sorority dance the next night, when Gretchen is nearby after Claire and another girl are nearly impaled by a falling flagpole. Gretchen doesn't deny having been the photos of Claire and indeed admits to kinda stalking her... because she has a crush.

Cue the tamest lesbian kiss ever and before a stunned Claire can do anything, the head sorority girl comes in with the rest of the girls and asks if they want to join the Sisterhood.

Okay. Now sit down before we move on because in the long line of stupid, unbelievable plot-twists... even for THIS show ... this one is a doozy.

We find out that the murderer of Claire's roomate is... the sorority leader.

How do we know this? A flashback where we discover...

a) The sorority leader has the power to become invisible.

She pushed the roommate out of the window... unseen. She planed the fake suicide note after Claire left the room to report the dead roommate. And then she set up the computer with the incriminating information and dropped the book to get Claire's attention

However, all of this pales to the revelation that...

b) The sorority leader is part of the Carnie Family.

As we find out in the opening scene of this episode, The Carnies take in any powered person who doesn't fit in the mainstream. Apparently that's not neetting them enough people for their "family". Hence why they need to go recruiting.

Their leader, Samuel, speaks of the importance of taking those they wish to recruit and driving them apart from the people in their lives so they are more susceptible to being brought into the fold. It's a good plan. Time-tested and cult approved. There are just a few problems with this plan in regards to Claire, who we find out is one of the ones he wants to recruit.

1. How Did They Get Their Agent Into A Position of Authority In The Sorority?

They would have needed several years notice to enroll their agent, get her into the sorority and then get her elevated to a position of power. This is especially jarring given that Claire didn't know what college she was going to six weeks ago. It isn't impossible if they have a PreCog among the family - but everything we've seen seems to suggest that they're just now figuring out who they need to recruit.

2. If They Had That Kind Of Power To See The Future, Why Go This Route?

Wouldn't it have been easier to use their pull and powers to make their agent Claire's roommate, rather than kill her roommate THEN wait a few days before approaching her about joining the sorority and befriending her that way?

3. Why Involve The Sorority In The First Place?

If you're ultimate goal is to drive someone apart from all other social outlets, why run a scam that requires utilizing one of the biggest social organizations that exists?

And do I even need to bring up the fact that one of the three people they are trying to recruit is Sylar?

Yes, all this intelligence they are able to gather on the people they are recruiting - everything they've learned about Peter and Claire and their mental state... and they still say "You know who we need to get first for our family? That crazed lunatic who KILLS PEOPLE TO TAKE THEIR SUPER POWERS!"

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