Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blackest Night: Superman #3

I'm going to do something a little different with the Blackest Night tie-in reviews.

Rather than show a few scans and say what was good or bad about the book, I'm going to recount all of the good fight scenes because honestly, these three books are nothing BUT big running fight scenes and there's not much plot to discuss.

FIGHT ONE: Ma Kent and Krypto The Superdog VX. Zombie Earth 2 Lois Lane

WINNER: Krypto, who is a very good dog. Assist points to Ma Kent for setting a corn-field on fire.

FIGHT TWO: Supergirl and her mother, Alura VS. their father/husband, Zombie Zor-El

WINNER: TKO to Alura, who gets herself and her daughter to safety as she has a force-field put around all of New Krypton to keep her husband out, while also trapping herself and everyone else on the planet. This also neatly explains why the angry planet of Kryptonians isn't doing anything about the zombie holocaust.

FIGHT THREE: Superman, Superboy and Krypto VS. Zombie Psycho-Pirate and Zombie Earth-2 Superman.

WINNER: Team Superman, who manage to subdue the zombies using the Psycho-Pirate's emotion-manipulating mask.

A serviceable mini-series all-around, which does answer some questions as to why certain parties aren't appearing in the Blackest Night main book. Robinson's dialogue is a little unnatural at times (especially the scenes showing the common folk of Smallville) but the man can do a good action scene.


  1. That was actually a kind of clever win.

  2. The Medusa Mask one? Or Krypto playing fetch with the arm that held the zombie's ring hand? :)

  3. The Medusa Mask. It sorta fits that the BL's are vulnerable to emotion.

  4. Both? Can it be both? I like the option of both. Let's go with both. =D

  5. Combinations of Willpower mixed with another emotion, to be specific.

  6. I think it sucks they put the forcefield around New Krypton and played up Daxam's Xenophobia
    I wanted Krypton to get the Xanshi treatment and have the entire population of Kryptonian BLs against all of New Krypton and Daxam.

  7. That would be pretty cool, actually.
    I haven't been following the New Krypton storyline, though - aren't all the people on New Krypton resurrected Kryptonians? I was a bit floored when I read the first issue of this series and saw that Kara's mother/Clark's Aunt was alive and well.

  8. no, they actually did the Argo City blew off thing.
    See, Brainiac attacked Krypton and ripped Kandor out of it. THis was what started Zod down his path to villainy by the way. But the Kryptonian military beat some of his drones so they had some of his tech to study. That way if he came back they'd be ready.
    One of the technology's they cribbed was a forcefield that Zor-El put up when Krypton blew. But Brainiac eventually noticed his tech being used and went and grabbed them, merging Argo City with Kandor.
    Kara's origin is now back roughly to her Silver Age one with the previous issues a result of Kryptonite poisoning causing mental illness.

  9. Ummm confusion the Krypto fight doesn't look like he won... that looks like one very hurt puppy :(

  10. Also, no super-powered dogs were hurt in the making of this comic. :)

  11. In retrospect, I could have chosen a better picture for illustrating the fight scene here. Here, page by page, is how it breaks down. I apologize for not posting the scene outright but I fear violating the Fair Use terms.
    1. Krypto wakes up on the Kent home front lawn, having been knocked out in the previous issue. He growls, gets up, sniffs the air and is off like a speeding bullet.
    2. Martha Kent, who has fled into the cornfields after being confronted by a Black Lantern Earth-2 Lois Lane, sets the corn on fire. This does little to slow Zombie Lois down. Indeed, she taunts Martha for thinking that fire could stop her.
    3. Lois then goes on to say that it doesn't matter what happens to her body; the ring will keep her whole.
    4. Martha tells Krypto to go fetch. :)
    5. Krypto rips the ring-hand off of Zombie Lois and then starts playing keep-away as a quickly decomposing Zombie Lois tries to grab at him. This is the page I scanned and although it isn't clear from the background (or lack thereof) the two are tumbling in mid-air in the last panel.
    6. Krypto spins around and heat-vision blasts the Zombie Lois at close range.
    7. He goes back to Martha, who assures him she is fine and says that he needs to go help "the boys". (i.e. Clark and Conner)