Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Six Things To Love In Wonder Woman #35

1. The opening splash page...

2. ... which leads into a wonderful scene of Dinah and Diana in a Japanese toy store. I want that Green Arrow figure!

3. Every bloody scene of Diana and Dinah bonding as they go around Tokyo.

4. Wonder Woman fights a vengeful Pele; goddess of fire and violence in the Hawaiian pantheon... and gets burned, literally and figuratively.

5. Dinah faces an arena full of super-villains by herself... and wins easily!

6. Sarge Steel confronting Dr. Psycho about the evils of identity theft.


  1. Oh sweet Bob, I love Canary. This shows quite clearly that she was holding back as much as Diana while undercover; when she can be herself, she wipes the floor with the whole arena.
    Plus Dinah fixing Diana's issues mirrored quite clearly my previous favourite Dinah-Diana scene, in which Diana used sparring to get Dinah to get through her Ollie issues. They're both so intuitive about other people. Simone writes the best female friedships in the medium.

  2. Yeah. I've come to accept that DC isn't getting rid of the jackass writing Green Arrow/Black Canary... but can we at least get Gail to write the Black Canary back-ups?

  3. *nod nods* Especially since, with the turn around rates on the hard-covers, it will be a year - at least - before this story in a trade format. They're just now bringing out Simone's first story arc in TP this month.

  4. I can't think of a way of responding to this comment without actually acknowledging GA/BC exists. Your version is my canon.

  5. Thank you. That means a lo-
    Wait a minute! I'm horribly behind on the next issue then!

  6. YES. You are! It's OK, I have my own Elseworld to amuse me.
    Seriously, I didn't realise how much Fanfic fills gaping holes in canon until I was burned by DC, and thought "bugger this, I'll write my own."
    (I have a Black Canary: Year One project ongoing, but I have to finish my thesis first)

  7. If Poison Ivy is in it, I'll sue! ;)

  8. *laughs*
    Me too, now that I see what the base is.
    A subtle jab at a certain trailer-park hoochie turned "actress" who thinks she's too good to play our favorite amazon?


  10. Actually, I think they're now releasing HC/TP concurrently, so this arc (or was it the most recent one?) is going to be released quicker than you think.

  11. The third one, I believe, is having both released at the same time.
    So... yeah. Maybe we'll see it sooner.

  12. And here I thought it was a sneaky way to advertise the ame-comi Wonder Woman figure. :)

  13. I don't think it looks quite like that.

  14. *sighs* How soon they forget.
    Because MY 'Black Canary: Year One' story idea would pit Dinah against an equally green (no pun intended) Poison Ivy. :P

  15. Holy shit that's awesome.
    No, mine was going to be set a year before college - starting with Larry Lance's death and with the JSA uncles featuring. Bats was going to have a periphery role - maybe an issue featuring him butting heads with the other Gotham vigilante.
    I was planning to focus on the non-costumed criminals of Gotham, and include Craig Windrow in a role Dinah doesn't find out about.
    But now I want to script your idea.

  16. :D
    I make no promises that this will ever see the light of day, but it gives me something to do. Thank you!
    (I'm the opposite - I fail at plots but I love writing character interactions)