Thursday, September 17, 2009

Six Cool Things We Learned in Blackest Night #3

1. Now, they say you don't tug on Superman's cape and you can't pull the ring off a Black Lantern's hand...

2. Whatever the Black Lanterns rings are made of, it's channeling the energy they absorb from living beings elsewhere and it's very, very old.

3. The Black Lanterns can't sense a living being unless they are feeling an excess amount of one of the big seven emotions.

4. Ray Palmer radiates compassion like a little purple dwarf star.

5. A Green Lantern's Light, combined with that of another color, like Indigo, can disrupt the Black Lantern rings.

6. The undead Firestorm is apparently able to simulate "the Matrix" well enough that half of the current Firestorm can become trapped inside his head, unable to affect the actions of the undead body half of the equation.

Very interesting and very good book.


  1. Thanks for the preview. *waiting till weekend to get it*

  2. It lacked Zombie Aquaman, but was still good. Barry and Hal need to get a little bed and breakfast in Vermont, seriously, it felt like sexual tension between them more than friendship.
    Ray full of Compassion was cool, and I totally didn't spoil it for you.

  3. Yeah. It's going a little beyond Bromance with those two.
    Then again, they are both cops. And I've always found most cops and military men to be suspect.
    And no, you didn't spoil. Thank you.

  4. You know what? Go for it.
    I'm a great idea man but I'm not so hot when it comes to actually scripting things.