Monday, September 14, 2009

Nearly Everything I've Read In Steptember... So Far.

Okay. So more budget problems kept me from getting my comics for a week. And then crummy weather kept me from getting them until the Sunday after I got paid. So here's what I don't feel like writing separate special reviews for.

BARACK THE BARBARIAN #2 - A bit of a let down after the first issue. Not that it's bad by any means... but the artist is not a good caricaturist and only the punny names help us identify some of the foul Pond Ditz er, I mean pundits who inhabit the labyrinth. Billo and Limbo as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum is inspired but the helpful pundit "Rake Hell" doesn't look a blessed thing like her inspiration. No "Mad Doe The Barbarian Princess"? For shame, Larry Hama!

DOCTOR WHO #3 - Apart from wondering just how the main big bad of the story survived his last appearance on the show, this is a very effective issue of the comic you could easily see being an episode of the TV series. The short version is that The Doctor is put on trial for interfering with the space-time continuum and playing God with the universe. The fact that the laws he's violated were set down by the now-dead Time Lords and the fact that he was acting for the greater good aren't worth a tinker's cuss, especially with the prosecutor for the trial being another would-be universe conqueror who the Doctor stopped once before. Throw in a few attempts to see The Doctor assassinated before, during and after his trial and you've got a heck of a story to lead us into next issue...

RED SONJA #48 - Nothing much happens for another issue, with people still refusing to talk about their mysterious, ill-defined plans as they continue to move northward towards their vaguely defined and rather pointless goal, since we now know the weapon everybody was searching for was Red Sonja herself. And it turns out the place the bad guy was searching for was the resting place of Sonja's mostly-dead patron goddess, who wants him to save her from Sonja, who she is convinced is coming to kill her off.

I'd quit now but then I'd always be left wondering just how the hell all this randomness will come together. At least the scene with Sonja fighting werewolves, brief though it is, is decent.

WARLORD #6 - Everything gets tired up in a neat little package, though I'm a little amazed at just how quickly archeologist turned fur bikini babe Alysha has become a competent warrior. Still, I can swing with it simply because this issue is almost all action and is entirely awesome. And the ending promises the return of an old enemy as the series continues...

Tomorrow: The latest on Blackest Night. Also Six Things To Love In Secret Six. And Wonder Woman (finally!)

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