Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fast Thoughts on Everything Else I Read - The Week Of 9/16/08

EX MACHINA #45- Things are heating up going into the final story arc. And I honestly have no idea what is going to happen next.

FABLES #88 - Frau Tottenkinder is up to something and Beauty is pregnant. None of this is this least bit shocking to anybody who has been paying attention for the last few issues.

Still no mention of Rose Red. Hell, Jack's attempting to corrupt Bigby and Snow's kids has been completely forgotten. I guess we're not supposed to care about Rose anymore now that the writers apparently don't.


  1. Re: Fables: GODDAMNIT.
    I'm gonna go hit my head against a wall for awhile.

  2. ::opens space on the wall::
    By all means.
    I was really hoping they wouldn't do this.

  3. *nods* Too busy showing Frau changing into a young woman, stepping into some other realm... and - oh yes - Beauty describing her pregnancy as the reason she's been "bitchier than usual."
    There's a reason why I didn't do a scans review of this. I couldn't think of six things I liked.