Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 08/05/09

Because I only had two books this week, and not much to say about either one.

SECRET SIX #12 - Rocks in Socks. Great art, with a great story. And we get a lot more insight into Jeanette and just what exactly she is. (Here's a hint - it turns out she's been telling the truth the whole time and she's able to take out Wonder Woman) Previous little Ragdoll comedy, but he does steal the scene in two very good moments. All this, and Artemis kicking ass.

WARLORD #5 - A fairly standard "lead-in to the final battle" issue. Still the same great artwork and action we've come to expect, though I'd swear the brief speech about Northern Ireland was recycled from one of Grell's old Green Arrow stories.

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