Monday, August 31, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Disney Buys Marvel Comics

SOURCE: Disney to Buy Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion


Hannah Montana/Spider-Man Comic Crossover In The Works

Howard The Duck Now Former Resident of Duckberg

Hugh Jackman To Star In Animated Wolverine Musical;
Claws To Be Replaced With Rainbow Beams

Garth Ennis - "Thank God I Still Have Vertigo!"

Marvel Fanboys Lose Their Shit; Promise Boycott

Starman Enjoys Lamentations of Marvel Fanboys;
Finds Their Panicky Tears "Sweet, yet greasy".


  1. Whatever DC-dude. Let me ask you this. Who would you rather have meshed into your super-hero universe? Disney characters. Or dudes like the Shield and the Web? I am very much looking forward to Stitch and Buzz Lightyear joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. And Kim Possible will make for a great Young Avenger...

  2. Let me ask you this. Who would you rather have meshed into your super-hero universe? Disney characters. Or dudes like the Shield and the Web?
    Given how utterly awesome the new JMS revamps are? Well, mostly - The Shield was kinda lame, but The Web and The Hangman were pretty good.
    I am very much looking forward to Stitch and Buzz Lightyear joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. And Kim Possible will make for a great Young Avenger...
    I'll tell you what; you can have your fantasies about what good ideas might come of this if you allow me my fantasies of a Howard the Duck/Uncle Scrooge Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. Or Punisher vs. Mickey Mouse. :)
    So here's my question - where does this leave Mark Waid and BOOM! Studios?

  3. That is a good question. I also can't remember if Disney stills owns the Muppets. I honestly doubt much at all will really change with the potential purchase. At most I see Marvel folding their nascent in-house movie production into one of the Disney companies and probably Marvel comics being for sale in Disney Stores. Maybe those Marvel 'toons on Nick channels move to Disney ones...
    Sadly even if people at both companies decided to try some kind of Disney in the Marvel U I don't know if they have anyone with pure crazy awesome of Bill Mantlo to make it work...
    I am enjoying the various Marvel/Disney team-up jokes I'm seeing all over. Duck Reign almost made me swallow a toothpick...

  4. That'd be so strange if they tried to make Howard the Duck's Homeworld the same place Donald, Scrooge, and the others are from.

  5. I made my fat coworker blow slim fast out of his nose a few days ago with my spot-on Mickey Mouse voice saying "Heh heh. I'm the best there is at what I do! Heh heh."

  6. Especially since Disney sued Marvel to make Howard look likes like Donald, for fear of children confusing the two. :)

  7. Well, it appears that all the old contracts are still valid, as Fox is now stepping up plans to make ANOTHER Fantastic Four movie, which will apparently reboot the previous two. That might be good news, except it is being handled by a former HEROES writer (not Bryan Fuller) and the guy who wrote 'Batman and Robin'.
    (let's all sing the doom song!)
    And yes, the comedy so far has been great. My favorite was Randy Millholland's "The Squeaktacular Spider-Mouse: The Death of Goof Stacy".

  8. No, no... Donald must be Wolverine.
    Think about it - they both have berseker rage and tear shit up when they're angry.

  9. I know... I know... I'm a bad, bad person for even joking about any of this.

  10. Yeah, but you should hear my Donald Duck impression... In fact I'D love to hear it. It doesn't exist. Donald talks stupid. Mickey is so much easier.

  11. As a non-Marvel reader, do you even care one way or the other about this, Matt? I know I'm worried about what the content of the books will be from now on, but some think it will be business as usual.
    Wes A.

  12. Says you. I can't get my voice that high without repeated blows to the nutsack.

  13. Honestly, yes I do care. Because I would like for some kind of change to come about that would make me feel comfortable with supporting Marvel again so I can read all the books I have heard are great (Brubaker's Daredevil and Captain America, JMS's Thor, The Mighty Hercules...)
    For one thing, I'd like to see someone at Disney say that Marvel's rating system should mean something and stop them from stamping "All Ages" on books where Peter Parker is having drunken one-night stands or Dr. Doom is calling Ms. Marvel a whore.

  14. Do you not support Marvel because of One More Day, or is it the content of their books?
    Wes A.

  15. Both.
    The first one started my boycott officially, more because I didn't like how Marvel Editorial (Joe Quesada in particular) had treated JMS and basically blackmailed him into writing One More Day they way they wanted it done or else hand it over to someone who would completely destroy everything JMS had done with the characters all while giving him full credit/blame for the story when it failed.
    This is an entirely personal reason. Partly due to my respect for JMS as a writer/creator and partly due to my love of Spider-Man as a character and my disbelief that anyone could disrespect the ideals of the character in the way I think 'One More Day' and everything since then has.
    The content of the books - or rather, Marvel's inability to properly label said content - is a professional issue. As a librarian, I depend on book ratings and summaries when ordering materials for the library. Try as I might, I cannot read everything out there and the ratings and summaries do help me determine what will be the best fit for our community.
    It is difficult enough for me to convince The Powers That Be of the value of our graphic novels and that "comics for adults" is not equal to "porn", without my having to explain why an "all-ages" book features Doctor Doom using the phrase "whore's heart" nor why Spider-Man making a deal with the devil is a good thing when I work in a very conservative, heavily Christian community, where I have fielded complains about L.M. Montgomery books because the lady in question felt that her books were too liberal.