Friday, July 24, 2009

Marvel Acquires Rights To Miracleman - now MarvelMan again.

SOURCE: Marvel Acquires Marvelman

Reports are still sketchy at this time. We cannot confirm any of the following.

1. Todd McFarlane was promised Napoleon Bonaparte's balls as part of the agreement.

2. This is but one part of Alan Moore's revenge scheme against DC Comics.

3. Neil Gaiman will wear a red and blue Marvelman costume for the rest of SDCC weekend in honor of the news.


  1. *lol*
    Well, lets hope the trades get reprinted eventually.

  2. Yeah. Turns out this deal DOESN'T cover that. What a gyp.

  3. Arrgh.
    Way to go, Marvel. Talk about useless.

  4. Not totally. Apparently Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham are waiting to see if they might finally be able to finish the story they did together. The rights WOULD allow them to do that.

  5. Some how, somewhere...
    ...Bill Parker is saying to Roscoe K. Fawcett "See what you made me do?" and CC Beck is saying "I told you do."

  6. Re: Some how, somewhere...