Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gay Gamer PixelPoet Wins Internet For Life

Sam? This one is for you.

SOURCE: Gay Gamer Wins EA Promo, Says No Thanks

In a desperate bit of damage control, EA apparently awarded 2nd place in it's horribly sexist and insulting Sin To Win Contest (i.e. the one which encouraged random men at ComicCon to 'commit acts of lust' with booth babes in order to win a night on the town with two babes and a chest full of booty) to a gay male gamer, PixelPoet, who submitted a picture of himself with a "Booth Bear".

PixelPoet refused the prize ($240's in giftcards good for any EA Games games) and sent EA Games an e-mail, which he also cross-posted on, explaining just why he was refusing the prize and suggesting other things they might consider doing with the $240.

The full e-mail is up here, for those who would like a good laugh.

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