Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doctor Who: Room With A Deja View

The Final Verdict: And, of course, to all fans of Doctor Who. Highly recommended to all fans of a good time travel story. Full marks all around. A rollicking good read by the gent who brought us Lying In The Gutters and the artist behind Rex Mundi.

And the lively artwork by Rex Mundi artist Eric J at least ensures that while this story may be confusing at times, it never looks dull. Thankfully, careful reading doesn't make it completely incomprehensible and the vast majority of the comic is told "properly". The effect of this story - some might describe it as ass-backwards - is disorienting at first.

That is to say, backwards relative to "The Linears" - those like us for whom cause creates effect, rather than the other way around. The plot, in brief, centers upon The Doctor being called in to question a murder suspect; a being whose lives life backwards in time. Johnston proves as capable a writer as he is a journalist in this book.

The reason for this is that while Johnston has written a few comic books, he is probably better known as the creative mind behind the column Lying In The Gutters. Odds are, however, that you don't recognize where you recognize the name from. You may recognize the name of Rich Johnston from the cover of this book.

WARNING: Parts Of This Review May Read Better Backwards And/Or After Several Large Drinks.

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