Sunday, June 7, 2009

You are doomed to be undone...I swear I'll be the one to bring you down.

What Oliver Queen did with the finest in trick arrows and booby traps, Dinah Lance is going to do with her bare hands.

Why? Because it's been a long time in coming.

For the stupidity of thinking a bag over her head could stop her. (Identity Crisis)

For the indignity of holding her hostage with a sword in her mouth. (Green Arrow Vol. 2 #75)

For crashing her wedding just because he could. (Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special)

And because the only thing that stopped her from doing it once before was her friends getting in the way and becoming hostages before Dinah could really go to work. (Birds of Prey #90)

At some point, Dinah is going to settle her accounts with Slade Wilson. With interest.


  1. Gramma Canary's gonna be thrilled about that one.
    Go, Dinah!

  2. I could see a serious bout with him ending with her winning, if only because of all the training she's gone through with Shiva etc etc. That, and she's more motivated to win than he is.

  3. Reminds me of one of my favorte Black Canary exchanges with Slade...
    Canary acquires one of Slade's guns...levels at him...
    Slade: You're no Killer, Canary.
    Dinah: No its the smallest one, I figured it would just hurt alot.
    Its not the exact exchange but its close, if only I could remember.... hrmm.

  4. Oh, she is. She is.
    In fact, she's so pleased I think she completely missed your comment. Lucky you.

  5. Yeah. There's also the fact that unlike every one else she fights, Dinah doesn't need to hold back with Slade because of his healing factor.
    Of course he may heal faster... but he feels pain just like any other man. And there's a lot of ways to cause pain that don't necessarily involve injury. Pressure point strikes, for instance.

  6. I'd like to see that story if you remember the issue.
    But yes... this one mostly came about because I was rereading Birds of Prey and I remembered this exchange.
    Dinah: This time is going to be different Slade. Because this time, I don't have a bunch of Justice Leaguers getting in my way.

  7. I'll hunt it later. Its earlyish BoP I want to say on dinosaur island.

  8. I loved that bit in Birds of Prey because that Identity Crisis moment was kind of cheap. I don't know if Nightwing has ever beaten Deathstroke one on one, but they're pretty even, aren't they? Dinah may not have the tricks Dick does, but she's a better fighter, her taking out Slade would be a great battle to see.

  9. Dunno if Nightwing ever has, but I don't think so.
    I know Bruce has. Actually, he stole Deathstroke's sword.
    And no, Dinah doesn't have all the gadgets Dick does. Or all the tricks Ollie does. But it is my belief that she doesn't need them - all she needs is an open rooftop, her bare hands and years of training.

  10. Sure Bruce has, he's Bruce. I remember a Titans during Grayson's run when Roy tried to take on Deathstroke by himself, and Slade said he's beaten Nightwing, and proceeded to beat down Roy.
    The Canary/Deathstroke fight would go down differently than any of the other heroes, but I'm sure, in the end, she all that she would need to beat him are the skills she's been acquiring.