Thursday, June 25, 2009

We stood there lost in our embarrassment... As the conversation dragged.

It was not Oliver Queen's best idea. It was a noble one. It was a thoughtful one. And it would forever remembered as Mistake #1 whenever the individuals involved considered "The Lost Weekend".

As the holidays approached, and plans were being made, Ollie asked Connor - matter o'factly - just how long it had been since he'd visited his mother.

Connor admitted that - while he called her at least once a week - it had been a while since he'd seen her in person. Ever since Moonday divorced weapons-dealer Milo Armitage, he didn't feel like he had to check up on her as much as he used too. Throw in how busy things had been around Star City, and...

"Say no more!" said Ollie. "Why don't we invite her to spend the holidays with us?"

Ollie extended the same invitation to Cissie and Bonnie, saying that he always wanted a big traditional family Christmas and that he wants all his kids under one roof - just once. Of course the problem that everyone else sees - and Ollie successfully ignores - is that The Arrow Family is far from traditional and is made up entirely of some very volatile personalities.

Dinah, for her part, is fine with Ollie's idea. At first. It's not that she doesn't trust him. It's not that she's in denial of Ollie's past as a womanizer. It's just so much easier to ignore the past when there aren't two walking, talking reminders of "old times" under the same roof.

Moonday, for her part, is nice enough. But she abandoned her hippie idealism for capitalism a LONG time ago and arrives at the Brownstone with a car full of gifts, picked out of the Neiman Marcus catalog, for everyone. The divorce left her with an extremely generous alimony package and she does love to flaunt her wealth... much to the embarrassment of the non-materialistic Connor.

And Bonnie? Well, Bonnie isn't all that comfortable with the truth of her past indiscretions being known, even though Cissie has said repeatedly that she doesn't care about what Bonnie did in the past. She's also somewhat afraid that Ollie's taking an interest in Cissie is going to result in history repeating itself... either with Cissie being rejected as a worthy heir to his legacy or being absorbed so completely into it that she'll be better remembered as Green Arrow's daughter than as Arrowette.

Tensions mount as the weekend passes and hilarity ensues. Roy and Mia, for their part, are wise enough to spend their time playing with the kids, minding the food in the kitchen and just generally staying out of the way of everyone else while making sure that the key to the liquor cabinet stays lost, following Bonnie's tirade about how at least SHE didn't have to divorce a guy to get a meal ticket.

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