Thursday, June 18, 2009

The emptiness, The craziness, Satisfy this hungriness...

There’s a romantic cliché that opposites attract – and what could be more opposite than a snarky ex-prostitute and a Buddhist monk? And there’s so much comedy potential in a man who blushes too easily being paired up with a woman who lives to make people uncomfortable with her frankness. But that’s not why I’d like to write a Mia and Connor romance. I want to do it because it was all there to be written… and yet nobody ever followed up on it. And if you think about it, they would be so good for one another.

Connor – being, for all intents and purposes, a monk – hasn’t had much experience in either the sex or romance department.. And as much as he dismisses other people’s concerns about why he doesn’t seem interested in that sort of thing (“why don’t you have a girlfriend?”, “you’re SURE you’re not gay?” and so on....), he does still have urges like any other young man. And while he doesn’t feel the need to rush into a sexual or romantic relationship and knows these things come in time if they are meant to happen... he does feel SOMETHING missing.

Mia is in much the same situation, not wanting to rush into a relationship - but for totally different reasons. Mia had – to put it mildly – a very rough childhood and grew up way too fast. She is old before her time and wise beyond her years. And while she learned all there is to know about sex at a young age, she knew very little about love; both the love of a family – which Ollie and Dinah have finally given her – and the romantic love that most teenage girls dream about.

Romantic love seemed to be closed off to Mia forever when she was diagnosed with HIV. She feared that nobody would ever find her attractive again. She was afraid that everyone would see her as tainted and bad and nobody would ever love her in that way.

Those fears were put to rest when Connor kissed her. And while he quickly dismissed the gesture as that of a friend trying to comfort another friend… deep down they both knew the truth. It would show itself in little ways across the coming months – quiet moments together, holding hands… Connor’s violent reactions to Mia being injured in the line of duty. All of them pointed toward something developing between the two.

After both of them returned home – Connor from his journey of self-discovery and Mia from her disastrous relationship with professional thief Dodger – the two realized how much they had missed one another… and exactly why, as much as they missed the whole family, they missed one another the most.

Dinah and Ollie were shocked at the news but not at all unhappy. Roy claimed later that he saw it coming and jokingly warned Connor about corrupting his innocent namesake. But it made perfect sense - Connor needed someone who could be patient and help him work through his own discomfort about his inexperience and naivety. Mia needed someone who wouldn’t judge her for her rough past. In that respect, it was a perfect match.


  1. Also, Conner's mysterious healing ability might keep him safer from HIV. Tho I assume they'd take precautions anyway....

  2. They would. But you're assuming they'd be considering a sexual relationship right away anyway.
    Someday, perhaps. But it's not something either of them would push toward for a LOT of reasons...

  3. The one thing you've written I disagree with.
    Well, that and thinking Dinah's more likely to use a computer than Ollie (She threw his laptop out of the window that one time.)
    It's mostly because I see Connor and Mia as having a sibling-like relationship, and I love a deep platonic friendship.

  4. *quirks an eyebrow*
    When did I say Ollie was more computer savvy than Dinah? I believe I said the opposite in the Mia profile.

  5. And that's where I disagree - sorry, I didn't make myself clear.
    I see Ollie as being marginally more technophiliac, albeit it in a clumsy way.
    I think that while Ollie isn't particularly gifted with computers, and it took him a while to get the hang of them, Dinah's actually technophobic, and hates them. More than once, she's specifically told Babs she will not have anything to do with them. (I can see her bending on the subject, and an iMac to do accounts, probably, but she still has handwritten ledgers to back them up).
    Ollie however, wants to be computer savvy but just doesn't get them. This still means he's more likely to use a computer than Dinah. In (I think)the Black Canary wedding planner, he's seen working on a laptop which Dinah throws out of the window.
    I don't have the issues to hand - who was it who found the Arrowcar on eBay? Was that Mia?

  6. And it was Mia who found the Arrowcar on eBay, IIRC.

  7. Honestly, they've gone back and forth on this in a lot of books to the point where you can make a case either way. Personally, I wouldn't hold anything from Black Canary's Wedding Planner Special as canon for either Ollie or Dinah.
    Here's the way I see it.
    Realistically, they both need to have SOME degree of computer savvy to handle monitor duty on the JLA Watchtower/Satellite/Hall of Justice/whatever. Neither of them particularly like computers, but they've got about average competence.
    Ollie is mechanically inclined but not technically inclined. He's like one of those mechanics who can take apart an old '57 Chevy blind-folded but is totally helpless with fixing a newer, foreign model. So I can see him handling the basics of on-line life but anything more advanced than switching between Yahoo and Google to do searches would be beyond him.
    Dinah WAS technophobic for a good long while. As confident as she is in most situations, there's just something about electronics that make her eyes glaze over like with Barry and Ray started talking theoretical physics after a JLA meeting. Of course Barbara, being Barbara, insisted on butting in and "curing" Dinah. To a degree, she was successful. Dinah's never going to be able to keep RAM or ROM straight but I can see her going down the Mac path just to keep Babs off her back.
    Make sense?

  8. It makes sense, yes, but it's not changing my mind. Not that it matters; it's a tiny little thing to disagree on.
    I'd just like to say that I really enjoy that we can quibble over little tiny things like "Ollie and Dinah are both computer average but just who is worse?" because, unlike the people who are actually paid to write the characters, we have very similar understandings of them.
    *eagerly awaits more*

  9. Yeah ... in my head I always saw Connor and Mia as the siblings neither one of them ever had but desperately needed.

  10. Yes. And I enjoy that I can have a disagreement with someone over a point like this without it degenerating into "OMG! YOU SUZOR! GA/BC KEEPS GETTING BETTR & BTTER!"
    Why yes - I DID go by the DC Comics boards a few days ago. Why do you ask? :)

  11. I see them that way too. But people do change and I can easily see them making this leap.

  12. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.
    I like staying in the corner of fandom that appears marginally sane. That way I can pretend we're the only fans.

  13. Yeah. And I get to miss out on the artists giving everyone the "I am the writer, you are the audience - I outrank you!" speech from The Producers whenever anyone complains about their work.

  14. They are a pretty good match, and in their case, the age difference doesn't matter much. It all depends on how it's handled, it could either be beautiful or a total disaster.

  15. You know, I'm amazed nobody said this was a bad idea because of legal issues...
    There's not that much age difference, I think. Connor was somewhere around 19/20 when he became Green Arrow and his career was just about a year or two before Ollie returned, If I Recall Correctly. With Mia being 15/16 and having been around at least a year before becoming Speedy... add on another year for One Year Later and maybe another year for the time since... that's not too much difference at all and Mia is definitely of legal age. Which I'm sure she'd have to be before Ollie or Dinah would ever consider letting her move to England.

  16. I suspected that would be your reaction.
    Would you rather I leave Mia with the professional thief?

  17. Yeah, that reasoning is sound. I see their age difference like Jason and Donna when they first met. Maybe a little after, I can't remember when Jason hit 18.

  18. Well, too bad.
    Out of all the stupid things that have happened in Green Arrow/Black Canary, one of the few things I haven't heard a lot of complaints about is just how utterly insane it is that Mia would hook up with one of the people responsible for nearly killing Connor and Ollie and that neither Ollie nor Dinah would have any objection to this, much less her moving to London to be with the guy when Mia is, last I checked, still a minor.

  19. Sorry, it's just that Mia/Connor hooking up would instantly be a drop for me. You could have Cliff Chiang art, seperate Ollie/Dinah co-features, Roy appearing often, some rogues for Ollie that don't suck and more Cliff Chiang art, but I cannot stand the idea of Connor/Mia.