Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do you know who I am or have you forgot about me?

The next attack on the Arrow Family comes, oddly enough, with an attack on John Prince himself. At one of his many public appearances, he is shot from a distance. With a green arrow. And a man dressed in the familiar green leather costume of Green Arrow is seen fleeing the scene.

Opinion is split, with half the town convinced that Oliver Queen, jealous of the city's new golden boy, decided to settle things once and for all. Even those who count themselves friends of the Emerald Archer are uncertain that Ollie might have been pushed to this after months of being a Cassandra.

Naturally, the Arrow Family is convinced that Ollie is innocent, for two very good reasons. The first reason is the fact that while Oliver Queen has killed in the past, he has never done so unless lives were endangered and only in the heat of battle. It is out of his character to plan a cool, calcualted assassination attempt like this.

The other reason is that whoever did shoot John Prince missed making a killing blow. If Ollie wanted to kill someone, he wouldn't have missed.

Clearly, someone is impersonating Green Arrow. Probably someone with a grudge against Oliver Queen, which is a big list. Someone with the talent to make a difficult bow shot and be assured of wounding a target non-lethally, which is a narrow list especially if you limit it to "people with a grudge against Oliver Queen". And someone who would have reason NOT to make a lethal shot, which limits it to anyone willing to work as a paid assassin on behalf of John Prince.

Merlyn is the first suspect to come to mind but a quick investigation reveals he is still in prison. The Spider tried something similar once before - framing Green Arrow for murder - but he's dead. And Deadshot, when questioned about it, says that while he wouldn't object to framing a hero for murder, it would offend his sense of style to use a bow instead of a gun and he wouldn't do it any any price.

And in all of this globe-trotting, as everyone runs around searching for every assassin, super-villain and just plain nut who could pull this off, one name is forgotten; Lord Kalesque.

Small wonder, really. He fought with Green Arrow only once before having his VISA revoked and being sent back to his native England for trial before he just "disappeared". He was a British noble who fancied himself a master archer, who wished to test his skills against the legendary American hero Green Arrow. Lord Kalesque put numerous ads in the paper begging for Green Arrow's attention (Ollie still having a secret identity at that time) but Ollie shrugged it off, having little interest in testing his skills against any challenger.

Angry at being ignored, Lord Kalesque came to Seattle and began killing random people with arrows. After a slight crisis of faith, triggered by his guilt over the innocent people killed because he dismissed the challenge in the first place, Ollie tracked down the noble and stared him down. Ollie refused to fight back, knowing that Lord Kalesque would not kill him because if Ollie died at his hand, he would never know for sure that he was the better archer.

Time has passed. Lord Kalesque went on the run, the last of his family fortune being cashed out before he disappeared and began living under an assumed name. He is still every bit the gentleman, despite having taken up the role of an assassin for hire, and still lives the roving playboy lifestyle under an alias. But the years have made him mad - in both senses of the word. He is angry at how his confrontation with Green Arrow went and that anger, has in turn, aggravated his obsession with Green Arrow to the point that now - having framed Oliver Queen for an attempted murder he didn't commit, he still wants to prove that he is the better man.

The good news is that the charges against Oliver Queen are dropped when several other businessmen turn up with cloth-yard shafts through their hearts. The bad news is that there is now a crazed archer, who might be the equal of Oliver Queen roaming the streets of Star City.


    I forgot you even existed

  2. Yeah, I thought you'd like this even if nobody else did.
    It was a good idea and if I ever get to write this, you are so getting story credit.