Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Lantern: War of Light News Briefing.

Sorry this is so late. Busy week and I've felt too unfocused to write until this afternoon.

Right. So what's happening in the War of Light this month?

* The Controllers - a fascist off-shoot of the Guardians responsible for creating a lot of lame Green Lantern rip-off groups (The Darkstars, The Effigy Platoon and... The Beta Men...) - travel into The Vega System and wind up waking something up while searching for "the Orange power".

* The Orange Power - for those of you not keeping up - is Greed/Avarice. Which kinda makes sense for the "we wish to bring about order with an iron fist and control everything" Controllers to be looking for but still seems like a weird emotion to draw power from, compared to Wrath or Fear.

* The thing controlling The Orange Power doesn't want to share and it kills all the Controllers. For the record, these guys are born of the same elder race that created The Guardians and The Zamarons so this one guy must be pretty damn powerful.

* Hal Jordan still has a Blue Lantern ring stuck on his hand and he notes - for those who missed it last time - that Blue Lanterns are completely useless without a Green Lantern to leach off of. Saint Walker admits this is broadly true, noting that Blue Lanterns can still fly through space and shield themselves but they do need a Green Lantern to do make projections or do the other Green Lantern tricks because "Hope needs Will".

* Hal complains about all the people he knows who hope for things to improve but who never actually do anything about it. Which seems kind of whiny for Hal and unfair to the Blue Lanterns given that they ARE trying to do something and help.

* Hal bitches some more about how useless and pointless Hope is as a force and then gets dressed down by Ganthet, who notes that he never intended for Hal to get a Blue Ring OR for Hal to leave the Green Lanterns since all the "good" emotion Corps will need to work together in the end. Ganthet also notes that Hal won't be able to take the Blue Ring off until he finds something to hope in AND finds a worthy person to pass the ring on to. Hal basically says nuts to that and flies back to Oa.

* Ganthet and Sayd - in addition to running the Blue Lanterns - are now searching for the Indigo Lanterns of Compassion. Again, note the color/emotion balance theme. Hate vs. Love. Greed vs. Compassion. Fear vs. Hope.

* Elsewhere, Green Lantern Stel of sector 3009 chases a Sinestro Corps member into the Vega system - an area Green Lanterns are forbidden to enter. His ring allows it, since the Guardian's edict to kill all Yellow Lanterns on sight apparently surpasses the old law... at which point the Yellow Lantern is consumed by a giant orange head thingy and Stel calls for back-up.

* Back on Oa, the Guardians are near-killing Hal trying to pull the Blue Ring off of him. It seems they're more concerned about going after Sayd and Ganthet than dealing with the Red Lantern menace until Hal points out that the Red Rings are forcing themselves on people whereas Ganthet and Sayd are - nominally - trying to help. Then John Stewart comes in with Salaak, interpreting the meeting to tell them that Stel has seen an Orange Lantern...

* ... at which point an image of a big orange dragon thingy explodes into room and is identified by The Guardians as Larfleeze. Larfleeze, who I'm guessing is the long-awaited "Agent Orange", complains to the Guardians about The Controllers having broken their treaty to allow him control of the Vega system so long as he never left it and they and their agents never entered it. He notes that he was willing to ignore their transgressions going after the Sinestro Agents and the Spiders Guild (see Green Lantern Corps for the details of those stories!) but that The Controllers actions were the final straw. This leads the scarred Female Guardian to declare that a Fourth Law be written into the Book of Oa - Vega is no longer off-limits and The Guardians are going to start fighting alongside the Green Lanterns.

It's getting even more interesting folks.


  1. Not to mention the cover for Agent Orange was bad-ass.
    Also, I realize the writers have to play up the differences as best they can but I thought Hal came off a little more surly than usual in regards to the blues.

  2. Oh yeah. Granting that Hal had some right to be annoyed that the Blue Lanterns withheld some vital information what with not telling him they were dependent on his power to function, if it hadn't been for their intervention he would have become a slave to the Red Power at best or dead at worst.
    The whole speech about people who only hope for change without working for it was really out of line given... hey... two guys who are hoping for a better future AND working for it AND saving your ass in the process.
    And to think - it's Guy Gardner who has the reputation for being the unreasonable jerk.