Monday, March 2, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 2/25/09

CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #8 - A new story arc begins and no more stories of Conan's grandfather. We begin with a gorgeously illustrated retelling of the first chapter of Howard's Black Colossus and continue on to Conan's first time joining an army. Lots of good character moments here, including Conan righting a toppled statue of Mitra - not out of worship or respect but practicality.

Line Of The Issue: "Conan feared no god but Crom. Still, why tempt the ire of another... especially in that god's land?"

GREEN LANTERN #38 - Lots going on here, most of it tying into the War of Light. For those of you keeping score at home...

* A newly single Carol Ferris, while trying to get a hold of Hal, is once again ensnared by the Star Sapphire, becoming one of several Star Sapphire agents for the Zamarons now backing the Violet Lantern Corps of Love.

* Hal Jordan - after being enslaved by the power of a Red Lantern Ring, is able to make projections of red fire. Something that none of the other Red Lanterns were capable of.

* The Blue Lanterns have one rather huge weakness. Their rings only work so long as they have an active Green Lantern to piggy-back off of. So once Hal goes over to the Red Side... poof for the Blue Lanterns.

* Slapping a Blue Lantern Ring on someone wearing a Red Lantern Ring can burn out the Red Ring and restore the person's mind... but Hal is now stuck in some kind of weird power-feedback loop from wearing Blue and Green rings at the same time.

* Sinestro escaped to Qward in the middle of the fight between the Blue Lanterns and the Red Lanterns. He is aware of Mongul's attempts to rebuild The Yellow Lantern Fear Corps on Daxam and plans to fight him for control of the Corps... as soon as he attends to "a family matter" on his home world, which he must tend to immediately thanks to Atrocitus, the Red Lantern leader.

* Though we haven't seen them in any stories yet, John Stewart will apparently be the first to fight The Orange Lanterns of Greed.

So yeah... great stuff!

Line Of The Issue: "Hope is nothing without the Willpower to enact it."

JACK OF FABLES #31 - Wow. Just... wow.

Line Of The Week: "I'd love to say I had some happy memories of the place. But I only had sex there seven times. And aside from the tacos, the food was uniformly terrible. Still, all in all, I DID have sex there seven times. So I guess it wasn't such a bad place."

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE #148 - Things continue to build toward Issue #150 as pressure builds on several fronts. Bob has lost his character and Brian is already plotting on how to exploit the loss to his own advantage. The Blackhands continue their disastrous Cattlepunk game. And the riots at Hard 8 over the "new and improved" editon of Hackmaster are quelled... but one staff member may be ready to make the ultimate act of betrayal for the love of the game.

Line Of The Week: "Ya know - when you're driving a thousand head of cattle a thousand miles... Probably not a good idea to DRIVE THEM ON FOOT!!!"

WONDER WOMAN #29 - There's STILL a lot about this book that confuses me. How Cheetah is now almost as fast as The Flash. Why Donna Troy just freaked out and abandoned Diana in mid-fight. And who the hell this new villain Genocide is... or what she is. On the other hand, this comic does feature a one-on-one battle between Ancient Greek God of Thunder and Lightning Zeus and Hawaiian God Of The Heavens, Kāne Milohai... so the parts that confuse me are balanced out by the purely awesome god battle. So yeah... take that for what you will.

Line Of The Issue: "You may give birth to the thunder and lightning, Zeus. But their canvas is mine. And the heavens have fire, as well."


  1. Back in Greg Rucka's WW run he had Cheeta meet the Flash villain Zoom, who pointed out to Cheetah that her powers are magic and she can probably move as fast as she wants to.

  2. I've seen some speculation that the backers for the Orange Lanterns will be the Controllers, the off-shoot of the Oans who created the Darkstars...

  3. 1. Actually, Hana - along with another technomancer with a grudge against the company - was killed off in the comics awhile ago. But the on-line extras confirmed that she and Micah had been talking before then.
    Also, Micah IS a genius and we know from his one scene in Season 3 (the one where he talks with Tracy and helps her find Doctor Zimmerman in California) that he's able to hack medical records from half-way across the country. What we've seen REBEL doing is fairly similar in practice and scope.
    2. I don't think anybody except Ando knows that Hiro has a sister. Hiro's usually off doing his own thing and when he does pop-in to team up with the other heroes, he usually doesn't usually get a chance to socialize. Think about it...
    * Mohinder hasn't had any direct dealings with Hiro at all until this season. (In fact, I don't think they've ever been in the same spot at the same time except for the final battle with Sylar in Season One)
    * Matt never had any direct dealings with Hiro until the end of Season Three - and Hiro was semi-amnesiac at the time.
    * Come to that Peter has had the most direct contact with Hiro... and most of that time was with versions from alternate futures or when Hiro and Peter were fighting (End of Season 2).
    Now that you mention it, I'm curious what's going to happen with Hiro and Ando next. They were able to get to India easily enough - and realistically Nathan and his team wouldn't be able to freeze all of Hiro's assetts like can the Heroes based in the USA. Given what we know of the Nakamura family holdings, Hiro has too much in too many places for all of them to be frozen. Heck, even TRYING to freeze Hiro's accounts in Japan would likely set off a few alarms.
    That would explain how Hiro and Ando were able to get the money to fly to India. And you can handwave them escaping the country as an assist from Matt. (How do you think he got back to the USA in Season Three with no money, no passport and an unquarentined animal in a cage?)

  4. No speculation - we saw The Controllers moving in on an orange glow a few issues back.
    I forget which issue, but I distinctly remember it.

  5. Is there any color missing then?
    Green: Guardians
    Violet: Zamoran
    Yellow: Parralax bug
    Red: ?
    Orange: Controllers
    Blue: ?
    Indigo? Was there anything about Indigo lanterns back when this first started? I can't remember...

  6. Yeah. It's set up thusly.
    Red - Hate - The Empire of Tears
    Orange - Greed - Controllers/Agent Orange
    Yellow - Fear - Sinestro/Mongul
    Green - Willpower - Guardians
    Blue - Hope - Ganthet and Sayd
    Indigo - Compassion - ???
    Violet - Love - Zamorans.
    Based on what I've heard, this Agent Orange and The Controllers are racing to the source of the Orange energy.
    Pretty much everything we know about the Indigo Lanterns was said by Ganthet as he was prophecizing The War of Light during The Sinestero Corps War. And that is that Compassion is their power and that they will use staves instead of rings.

  7. A staff? Man, I got nothing. Except maybe..Prince Gavin Starman?