Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 4, Chapter 2 - Trust and Blood

Last Time: Innocent people with superpowers are being abducted by the United States Government and shipped off to somewhere unpleasant in circumstances which are not at all inspired by any real world events and most of the cast is on a runaway plane...

7:55 - Switch from MSNBC to NBC and President Obama's press-conference is still going on. Will NBC stick with this historic press conference and delay the show? Let's see...

8:01 - And here's the quick catch-up with everyone being tased. It just occurred to me Peter should have shouted "don't taze me, bro!" (I know... I know...)

8:04 - And... plane appears to have made an emergency landing. Broke apart. Some people escaped. Wonder who...

8:05 - Ah, well Hiro is running. Runs into Mohinderance and Matt, who are apparently still buddy buddy. Apparently Matt hasn't heard about what his roommate was up to last season...

8:06 - Bad time to have a vision but luckily Mohinderance and Hiro know what the white eyes mean. And yeah... Matt is, amazingly, smart enough to realize that he isn't going to get a chance to try and mind-control the mob here.

8:07 - Aha! I knew Bennet had something else going on here! "Things are more complicated than you can imagine." Well, if Jeph Loeb had a hand in writing this, that's no small wonder...

8:08 - If you had any doubt the Defense Department was involved - missiles! The solution to all problems!

8:11 - And yes - if only to try and make Nathan seem SOMEWHAT sympathetic after everything else - he chews out the decision to call in an air-strike on a plane full of mostly helpless civilians and we find out that Mr. Marine Grunt Field Commander is a mutant-hating psychopath.

8:12 - Ladies and Gentleman - Peter Petrelli telling someone to quit their whining! I appreciate the irony even as I rejoice in Peter's new attitude.

8:13 - Okay, that bit with the Redneck shirt was priceless! Of course what are the odds that the clothes will actually fit?

8:14 - Hmmm... Daphne and Hiro are still talking. That's convenient but understandable given Hiro WOULD be the type of person to trade Christmas Cards with his ex-Nemesis. If he celebrated Christmas, that is. You all know what I mean...

8:15 - Yeah. Hiro is definitely Lawful Good. But why is Mohinderance wearing Freddy Kruger's sweater?

8:16 - And... yeah. Actual drama. And another big question... how exactly is Matt doing this? I have some ideas, which I will share later...

8:17 - What the.... new characters? Or did we just suddenly switch to some Lifetime movie?

8:18 - "No, I'm going to torture them in front of you." Saw that line coming but... yeah. It's good to have Sylar back as a bad guy.

8:23 - Nice logic there - he must be alive because I'm supposed to kill him! Nice to see someone remembering the future visions for a change.

8:24 - And yeah... Peter AND Tracy both want revenge. I'm liking this team-up.

8:25 - "I'm not going to be your excuse anymore." And yeah - turns out I was mostly right. Bennet still thinks the people with powers need to be controlled but Claire being spared was a condition of his coming to work with Nathan. And he SO played the "I know what you really are" card and threatened to tell Killboy Powerhead Marine that his boss is a filthy mutant.

8:28 - Holy crap that was... an awesome scene! And apparently Nathan is in the hot-seat with somebody over what just happened.

8:29 - Okay. Fun is fun but seriously... we don't care about the Sylar and his daddy subplot right now... especially after we just saw Daphne get shot down and Matt go crazy.

8:30 - Huh. Didn't see THAT coming. Looks like Sylar is going to get close to his new friend.

8:36 - "What are you going to do?" "For now, nothing.... I'll do what I can." Ah... so it looks like Column A is a possibility after all. Because if Nathan is uncomfortable with a bunch of trigger-happy grunts trying to kill Claire, Bennet SURE AS SHIT is not going to take this lying down.

8:38 - You know... I'm honestly not sure who is going to betray who here... is Tracy going to sell Peter out? Is Nathan going to show up with a small army? Is Peter going to see all the sudden but inevitable treachery coming and take out everyone? Okay, maybe not the last one, but that would be cool...

8:40 - "If that's a coincidence, God's improved his sense of humor." Good line. And I think Sylar is looking to take on an apprentice...

8:42 - Should I be the least bit disturbed that I feel more sympathy for the kid at this point than I do the tortured soldier?

8:46 - Heh. That line about letting someone live being a big deal - priceless.

8:48 - "He's not my brother anymore and he's not your boyfriend." Cold, but cool... and accurate.

8:49 - Ah-ha! Double the double crosses. Tracy is about to sell Peter out, Nathan lies about coming alone and Peter was playing everyone playing "the crazy brother" so he could get close to Nathan and get the perfect means of escape. I think Peter just became my favorite character again.

8:50 - And yeah. If looks could kill, Tracy would freeze Nathan in a second. Bennet let Peter go. Nathan thanks him. And Bennet sure looks like he'd like to say "I didn't do that for you, asshole."

8:56 - So Matt, Peter, Ando, Mohinderance and Hiro are forming the X-Men. Sylar is on the way to a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. And Claire is at home... looking bored.

8:58 - The house would be empty without you. Yeah, well except for your younger brother who we haven't seen in about half a season... but why quibble.

8:59 - Hmmm... wonder if that's Peter sending the text? Or maybe even West. Lord knows he'd be up for "fighting the robots".

9:00 - And yeah. Big surprise - Nathan was talking to Angela, asking for help and she just told him to go fudge himself.

9:01 - And Nathan's line there about good people not being able to control themselves... that's definitive Lawful Evil.

9:02 - Whew. Looks like Tracy will live for one more episode at least, based on the preview. That's a relief. One blonde Fridging per episode is enough.

The Final Thoughts: To every Lost fan who has been going on and on all week about HEROES was obviously going to become a Lost rip-off after last week's episode with the plane crash... fudge you. Seriously.

It's back, baby! Yeah!


  1. "Hmmm... wonder if that's Peter sending the text? Or maybe even West. Lord knows he'd be up for "fighting the robots"."
    I am saying Matt. I even think the cell had the call come from (M), or there was an M there or something. Besides, Matt is obviously Xavier... Ok maybe not(maybe he is Jean Grey?), but Peter is Cyclops, Mohinderance is like Beast(down to trying an untested formula on himself that changed his appearance), Hiro can be Angel I suppose, Rich Boy who can be useless at times but has his heart in the right place.

  2. Well, I think the web comic outright said it is some new player, but I'm not sure.
    I can see the analogy - but I'd take it this way.
    Cyclops - Ando (master of a weird, unexplainable red energy)
    Iceman - Tracy (do I need to explain this?)
    Beast - Mohinder (what you said)
    Marvel Girl - Matt (what you said)
    Angel - Peter (well he IS flying at the moment)
    And Hiro? Rick Jones.
    Yes, I know he had nothing to do with X-Men but cut me some slack. :)

  3. Hiro could be Bishop, but so can Peter. Plus I like the sticking to the original line up, plus it works really well, scarily enough. Seriously is Stan Lee a consultant on this? Better than dealing with Loeb.

  4. I think all Stan did was the one cameo in Season One.
    For that matter, Peter could be Rogue at this point.

  5. Groovy. Now check out the new HEROES related posts.

  6. I need to watch the new episode first. I catch it on Hulu these days, since it conflicts with Kyle XY.

  7. Well, the next to last post SHOULD be safe for you since it doesn't have anything to do with the new episode.