Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only 6 Hints? Well, we're trying to be nice...

SOURCE: 6 Hints That Frank Miller Might Have Issues With Women

Not a very full list (All The Women In The Spirit and All The Women In Sin City are two of the entries) but if you were to name every individual female character Frank Miller created who had disturbing connotations, you could easily go to 60.

You want a real challenge? Name a female character in a Frank Miller story who isn't a whore, a stripper or a teenage girl. I can only think of one - The Queen in 300. And what they did to her in the film adaptation (even though I don't think Frank had a hand in the writing on that) kinda negates that. All she did in the comic was deliver that line about "Come back with your shield or on it."

EDIT: Okay. I just remembered Elektra. That's two. But how sad is it that I forgot what is probably the best character, male or female, that Frank Miller ever created in the wake of all the crap?

Also, Queen Gorgo doesn't count since she was sorta based on a historical character, so she wasn't really created... which brings us back to one.


  1. Martha Washington? I never read the series so I don't know her back-story...

  2. Well, she got named as an exception on Topless Robot. I don't really care enough to check at this point...

  3. well Duh. And yeah the female commisioner in Dark Knight Returns is it. only other one I can come up with... well except .. I think Batman punches her in the face.. says a lot about Frank.

  4. It's been forever since I've read DKR - wasn't that in a scene where Bruce was fighting several cops?
    I dunno. I'm afraid to go back and read Born Again now. It's my favorite Frank Miller story ever, possibly the best thing he ever wrote... and yet, it occurs to me that it plays to everyone of his cliches (mentally unbalanced hero, insanely powerful villain the hero can't hope to ever truly hurt, love interest becomes a whore, etc...)